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When Satire Seems Impossible

Written By: Charles - Dec• 15•11

Samain                            Moon of the Winter Solstice

Republican presidential candidates.  Gingrich writes alternative history fiction, some of which I understand is very good.  As long he sticks to fiction, I’ll pay attention; when he blurs the line, taking the fictional world of alternative history into the day to day world of real politics, I shudder.

Mitt Romney has the charisma of a cheese cloth, but hey, we Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Al Gore.  Combined they have the charismetrics of soggy diapers.

Michele sees Romney, Gingrich and Perry as the same.  This might be one of those times when Michele and I agree.  Problem is, I’d lump her in right in there with those three.  Loony or boring.  Quite a combination of attributes.

Right now, with the Iraq war ended, Osama dead, the economy showing signs of life and congress with a lower popularity rating than, than, well, than the Freshkills landfill, I can see a situation where Obama backs into a second term.  Might happen.


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