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You know your body

Written By: Charles - Sep• 25•19

Fall and the beautiful crescent of the Harvest Moon

And another diagnosis. Geez. I have what can be called either COPD or asthma. I prefer asthma but if it hacks like COPD and interferes with breathing like COPD, then it’s also that. Short story: smoking related. Errors of my youth coming back to grab me by the lobe.

You might be surprised to learn that this diagnosis gave me joy. Yes, it did. Several factors. 1st. Caught early and treated it’s not likely to progress, so permanent but manageable. 2nd. A low level concern about my breathing that I’ve had for several months has a name and a treatment. 3rd. Told Dr. Gidday that I’d felt a constriction in my lungs. That I knew my body and something was off. After the pulmonary function test, she said, “You do know your body.” I liked that. So, yippee, I’ve got COPD. No, to me asthma. But you get the drift.

The treatment is a prednisone inhaler, two puffs at night before bed. Also, for a while, I’ll use the albuterol inhaler before exercise. Lisa says I probably won’t need it after a while. “You’ll find exercising and breathing a lot easier. You’ll feel better.” Gotta like that.

Kate and I left Lisa’s office and went to NoNo’s for dinner. A New Orleans place. Great po-boys and wonderful beignets. I felt light, like a burden had gone. And, indeed it had. Strange, I know.

November, 2015

Should help with the fire mitigation work once I get my chain saw fixed. Yeah, about that. I did do the guy thing. I took it apart. I put it back together. But. In the process I jiggled some little hose thingy loose and couldn’t get it to return to its former location. Sorta deflated the guy thing. Guess it got Luproned.

Talked to Derrick yesterday and he’s ready to help and accept logs. I plan to put a sign up if he doesn’t take them all and offer the rest to folks who heat with wood. There are several up here. Cheaper than having them chipped. By a lot. I’ll keep one or two sawed up and split for our fireplace.

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  1. Scott Simpson says:

    I hope you get some relief from the asthma soon. Also, I liked your Trump writings today. Good work. My Trump news antidote has become Colbert. The laughter is a salvo for all the pain. Two nights ago he could barely get the audience to quit cheery when he announced the decision had been made into begin to look into impeachment.

    I think you would have liked the Woolly session with Michael Bazzett and his interpretation of the Popol Vuh. I enjoyed his book and the story a lot. I’m in a 6 week class at Judson to develop our own personal Theology. This week we are working on our own version of the creation story. The timing was good for this assignment – right after reading Popol Vuh.

    Please give my best to Kate. Sending thoughts for continued strength and health.
    Best to you Charlie,

  2. Charles says:


    Thanks for this comment. My friend Lisa Berg, fellow docent, is a leader in the Minnesota Maya Society. She has a place in Guatemala and goes on digs frequently. You might enjoy meeting her.

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