Spring                                                                          Recovery Moon

A dress designed by Ruth and made by Kate
A dress designed by Ruth and made by Kate

The recovery moon has begun to wane, but not before both Kate and me have made significant gains. Kate’s weight is up and her spirits have gone up with it. My mucus glands seem to have gotten tired, weary of all their work over the last couple of months. Yeah. Still many miles to go for Kate, but she’s making good progress.

Whenever a Johnson sister comes to visit, the talk turns to fabrics or yarn or weaving. This family sews, knits, quilts, and, in Anne’s case, weaves. BJ and Kate had a pattern in hand yesterday. “Why does it say knit, then pearl here? What if you’re doing that on circular needles?” “Do you like sparkly yarn?” “I did.” (I don’t.)

Came downstairs yesterday after my workout (oof, again, but a bit better than Thursday) to violin music. BJ practicing is always a pleasure to hear. Warms up the house, helps it feel alive. Just like the dogs. Musicians, I realized, again, are athletes, always training. Muscle memory is important for them, too, as well as music theory. Correct technique, too. My personal trainer watches and corrects my technique, musicians often have to do that for themselves after a certain point in their development.

music2The program I posted for Shecky’s concert at Merkin Hall involves not one, but three Beethoven sonatas. BJ says this is unusual, most play only one. Complicated to learn and execute. He started practicing them the other day, so he has about two months to get ready. Memory, style, technique. He’s reading a Jan Swafford biography of Beethoven, too. BJ recommended Swafford’s work. so I bought his first, a biography of Charles Ives, a favorite composer of mine.

The snow has melted almost completely off the driveway. Colorado. The solar snow shovel. Cheap and easy.

Friend Tom Crane and Roxann are on Maui, got there yesterday. Maui is the best. That’s its county motto. Each island is a county. Maui is wonderful lots of beautiful beaches, great restaurants, Lahaina (which means merciless sun and was an old whaler’s resupply stop), Haleakala, the curvy road to Hana. Mama’s Fish House.

Kauai, taro fields near Hana Lei
Kauai, taro fields near Hana Lei

I prefer Kauai, more rural, less intense, but Maui’s a fine place, too. Tom and Roxann have a meal planned at Mama’s where Kate and I celebrated my birthday several times. Her continuing medical education events that took us to Hawai’i often corresponded with Valentine’s Day.

Though the snow has melted off the driveway (mostly) it did cover up the bare spots in the backyard. With temps in the teens the snow will hang for a bit. Not long though since rain and high 50’s are forecast for this week. Snow is not over here though. April is our second snowiest month. In 2017 we got four feet of snow! It came the two days prior to our arrival back from Singapore after our trip to Korea for Joe and SeoAh’s wedding.

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