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Fall and the crescent moon

At least 8 inches of snow last night. Still snowing. Most often when it snows here the snow comes straight down like rain. Very different from most of the snow falls I saw in Minnesota where driving winds sent the white stuff angling toward the ground. We’ve been plowed already once, before 4 am.

Between eight and twelve inches predicted. We were in the sweet spot of the forecast and it seems to be coming true. Pushing the snow off the back deck was difficult. Wet, heavy.

Told Kate yesterday I now think of winter as the time of bad delivery. No paper this morning, for example. Mail and newspaper become episodic, rather than sort of regular. We’re rural delivery plus mountain roads plus an area that gets more than its share of snow. Combination makes things hard.

The 2018 Rav4, Ruby as Kate calls her, is still in the shop, waiting on a new gate. Gate is the collision repair world term for the hydraulic lift door in the back. That means I have the behemoth still, the Infinity SUV that drives like an RV. And, of course, our 2011 Rav4, Ivory.

Neither have snow tires and I’ve got a couple of meetings in Evergreen this morning. Not gonna take the behemoth. Another insurance claim is not needed.

Something knocked out the DSL connection, so I’m writing this in Word. I’ll paste it into Ancientrails when the (just checked and it’s back already) OK, then.

Tried to get some more mitigation work in with the chainsaw, but no joy there. The chain is stuck and I don’t know why. It will have to go to Chainsaw Bob if I can stand being there again. Toxic masculinity with no irony, no equivocation. But, a great knowledge of chainsaws, especially Jonsereds. Not going in today at any rate. Trees covered in snow.

My limbing ax and I did some work, but not a lot. This lupron makes me tire easily. Annoying, but when working with equipment that can maim or even kill you, it’s best to be cautious.

Today is Joe’s 38th birthday. Wow. He’s five years older than I was when I met his plane in December of 1981. As children get older, the relationship with them changes. They change, grow, work, have lives. As do you. But, when you see them, you remember that day when they went out trick or treating in the Halloween blizzard of 1991. Or, see them poised at the t-ball stand ready to kickoff a stampede for the ball. Flying down the hill in ski race. Watching their bride come down the aisle. Still my boy. Also a man. Also a husband. Also a dog friend. Also a warrior.

Still the best thing I did in my life. Go, Joe. (Kate’s right there, too.)

This time the lights went out. Snow’s hard on the IREA lines that run up and down mountains. The internet’s down again, too. I’ll post this when it comes back up.

And, here we go. About an hour later.

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