Winter and the Gratitude Moon

Monday gratefuls: Joe and Seoah landed. An adventure begins. Cousin Diane sent a thoughtful note about my mom. Kate’s nightly feedings. (no, she’s not a vampire. feeding tube.) Murdoch’s first day went fine. Feeling the vibrations of children as Santa loads up. The lights of Hanukah.

Murdoch. He and Rigel spent the night together again. Rigel loves the bed in the guest room. Finally, a bed my size, she must think. Rigel gets along with all dogs and people. She’s also top dog here. My thinking on this is that Murdoch needs a warm body with him at night. He’s used to sleeping with Joe and Seoah. Seoah was around during the day, so being alone was not a frequent thing for him. It’s working so far. (OK. Day 2, but still…)

This is a major change in the morning. I get up at 4:30 or so, but now with just Gertie and Kepler, feed them, take them back downstairs for Kate. No Rigel. Her feeding time has shifted to Murdoch’s, around 8 am. Oh. Realization. That’s why she didn’t eat much yesterday for her lunch. She’d just eaten. Might have to shift her second feeding to Murdoch’s time, too.

Shuttling them all around so Kep and Murdoch are not in the same place at the same time makes the day a bit of a logistical puzzle. We’ve done it before though. With Kep and Gertie outside most recently. They’re ok inside, but outside? Not so much. We also had Tully, a very sweet Irish Wolfhound, who one day decided our whippets were prey. That required care with her presence and theirs until she died.

We’ve been told that once the prey circuit gets switched on in a dog no training will extinguish it. Too deep in the genes. Kep’s aggression is not a prey drive, but a need to control unruly, wild (in his opinion) dogs. Murdoch has the same issues. An Akita thing, probably related to their role as guard dogs. Easier to manage than Tully’s situation.

Dogs. They’re so important to our lives, Kate and mine. We’ve seen many different behaviors, positive and troublesome, over the years. Our experience serves us well.

If it’s your holiday, Merry Christmas! Or, happy Hanukah. Or, hope you had meaningful Winter Solstice and will have a happy New Year. Thoughts about 2020 coming over the next few days.

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