The Murdoch Problem

Winter and the Leap Year Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Dinner at Twin Forks with Kate last night. Pint of cookie dough ice cream. Clouds of the front moving in from the east. Augmentin. Kate’s improvements. Her smile and her laugh. Gertie. Kep. Rigel. Murdoch. Dogs. Joe and SeoAh. Diane. Mark. Mary. Marilyn’s call.

Hands and wrists still in gauzy bandages. They come off today. The stitches are in until next Friday. A few aches. Not much pain unless I try to open a door or a dog food bin. In problem solving mode now. Antonio will come on Monday. Hope he has some good ideas. After that, it will be time for a talk with Joe and SeoAh.

Kate suggested, and it’s a good idea, that I talk with the Akita rescue folks here, see if there’s a foster situation that might be available for Murdoch. A big, big step for us and even more for Joe and SeoAh. Reluctant. But. Also reluctant, opposed to more E.R. trips.

If I looked at us from the outside, I’d say we don’t know what we’re doing. We do, it just isn’t going well.

Got sorta down yesterday. Mostly over my commitment to Joe and SeoAh. Wondering if I’m going to have to back out of it. That feels awful, so I hope not. Decided problem solving was more useful though the feeling lingers.

Kate saw that and took me out to dinner again. This time to Twin Forks, a fancier place. On Friday nights they serve the yabba dabba do cut of prime rib. It’s huge. We didn’t have it. Scallops for Kate, beef medallions for me. The energy of the place helped. Talking and laughing together. Also helped.

At least we’re not seeing life from the seat cushion of a recliner.

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