Imbolc and the Leap Year Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Lenticular cloud over Black Mountain. Melted snow. Ruby, comfortable. Jon, doing better. DogsonDeployment. Uncovered solar panels. The forest. Seoah and her good cheer. Her good cooking. Kate’s independence. Her feeding tube. Her rock star status in healing.

The weather here is just like spring in Minnesota. When I went down the hill to see Jon, it was 65 in Denver. Snow melt ran across the roads, the sun was out, the sky was blue. But it’s a false spring. March and April are our two snowiest months. Winter comes and goes, comes and goes. The longer it stays the better for wildfires, so come again, winter. Sunday will see more snow.

Jon looks great. His high blood sugar fog lifted. Getting a grip on things again. I’m happy for him. We had a good meal together at the Imperial, a Chinese sea food restaurant. Where, uncharacteristically for me, I chose beef. I usually go with what a place is good at. Realized I need to make more choices for seafood, chicken, pork. Beef always sounds good to me. Always. Wish it was good for my heart.

Coronavirus. Complicating life in Asia. Not isolated from the Ellis clan. Joe and Mary are in Singapore. Seoah’s family is in Korea. Seoah is here, but has changed her travel plans because of it. Direct impact on us.

Tanking the stock market, too. When Trump rails against the coronavirus in the media, he’s really worried about the economy, about his grip on the election. Putting Mike Pence in charge? Priceless.

Democratic field. Can we blow this? Oh, sure. You betcha. Electability? Well, duh. A new direction? Even more of a duh. How to put those two together, that’s the question, isn’t it? Got no clue what makes sense. Bloomberg is selling a black hat, Not a Socialist. Bastard. Neither is Bernie. I’m a democratic socialist, probably my whole life, even before I knew how to spell it.

Scott Nearing called it a mixed economy, maybe that’s better. In a mixed economy necessary matters like public works, health care, education, and housing are not market based. Essentials have some form of government support, just like public schools, streets and sewers do now. What and how much to support them? A matter for debate and negotiation, but the general rule is that no one should have to worry about their health, their child’s education, an affordable place to live, or food. Jobs would be structured so that everyone could find work.

My current mental state, which is informed and affected by the last two years plus, finds political matters angsty. Not enough energy to do what I need to do at home and to get out there, man the barricades. Even though my sixties inner self tells me the times require action.

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