On the Mountain Top

Imbolc and the Leap Year Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: the quiet viral holiday. we’re tackling this together. Brother Mark, who faces an uncertain situation in Saudi Arabia. Seoah, who decided to stay another two months. Joe, who misses her. All those facing uncertainty: restaurant and bar workers here. Gym employees, theater employees. All those working minimum wage jobs.

Mark is in Saudi Arabia, not teaching and not knowing whether his job will continue. Seoah decided to stay here another two months after Joe pointed us toward the chaotic scenes in U.S. airports. People jammed together. Screening haphazard. Seoah’s English is much better, but in a tense situation she might be expected to do something she can’t understand. Joe is in Singapore worrying about Seoah; Seoah’s in Colorado worrying about Joe. Diane’s San Francisco is shut down, shelter in place. Read yesterday that isolation could go on for months. Months! Yikes.

Hard to imagine a better place to self-isolate than a mountain top. Up here on Shadow Mountain. Within the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. In the Arapaho National Forest. Out of my window is Black Mountain, covered in lodgepole and aspen.

Kate and I are high risk. Over 60. Somewhat compromised lungs, hers more than mine. It makes sense for us to stay as far away from other folks as we can. In our case this means not visiting CBE, not going out to eat, probably not having the grandkids visit. All hard, yes, but not impossible. Otherwise our life will go on as usual.

We have a standup freezer in the garage with meat and soup and frozen peaches. Our pantry is full. Got a delivery yesterday from King Sooper. Still no whole chicken, no eggs, no blueberries. Fast internet. The generator is ready should the power fail. Two vehicles with gas. Dog food. Our life is separate from Denver, even from Conifer and Evergreen. Related to them, yes, but separate.

As long as IREA continues to push electricity into our lines, as long as King Sooper stays stocked with food, as long as the well continues to deliver water, as long as Colorado Natural Gas delivers, we should be fine.

The rest of the nation feels far away, a lot further away than a few days ago, as if we’re receding from each other, an ebb tide of human interaction. Wonder if the preppers have gone to ground? If they have, do they have nightmares of Frankenstein’s monster chased by villagers with pitchforks and torches? The monster fades in the dream and becomes their hidey-hole.

Norway called its students back from places with underdeveloped health care systems. Like the U.S., they said. Ouch.

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