The Old Home State

Summer and the Moon of Justice

Friday & Saturday gratefuls: Cool mornings. Hot days. Waning of the tree pollen. Seoah and Joe. Smiling. Together. Kate. Her equanimous nature. Challenged. Ice cream. White Castle frozen sliders. Air conditioning. A medicated foam helping Kate’s stoma site. Puracyn. That damned virus. Changing us. The ongoing decompensation of Donald.

Good news on the stoma site. A new protocol from Amber, a wound care nurse. It utilizes a blue foam pad infused with antibiotics and antifungals, a different sort of wound cleaner, Puracyn, and a prescription antifungal cream. The foam pad changes color when its medication has been deployed, changing from blue to some shade of white. Already seeing some results. We like Amber.

Sorry about yesterday. Got started, but didn’t get far, then got swept up into the day. Sometimes I finish in the afternoon, but it was 88 on Shadow Mountain yesterday and we wilted. Down the hill though they’re running in the high 90’s, Denver forecast for today: 99. Neither Kate nor I like the heat. As evening comes, the mountain winds cool us down. In Arizona, Tucson has 107 forecast for today and 111 for tomorrow. OMG.

Commutation. According to Webster online, the second definition is: Replacement specifically : a substitution of one form of payment or charge for another. e.g., a commutation by money payment for the exacted service. Consider this definition when thinking about Roger Stone. He got paid.

The old home state got a big jolt from the Supremes. Gee, half of Indian Territory is, well, Indian Territory. Neil Gorsuch, the conservative, originalist Justice from Colorado has major insight into treaty law and the current legal standing of Native American nations. Haven’t read enough about it yet to get the whole gist of its implications, but, Go, Gorsuch.

Weird times. Very. Laugh. Cry. Cringe. Make like a hermit. Mouth agape. What’s next, locust? Well, as it happens…yes.

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