Seeking Answers

Summer and the Lughnasa Moon

Friday gratefuls: The Denver Post. All newspapers, covering the news, printing. The orange menace. Our 49 degree morning. Happy Camper and Cheeba Chews. Safeway. Tomatoes, lettuce, slider buns, potatoes. A less dire feeling there. Rigel and Kep. Easy in the morning. Kate’s stat lock. Her breathing easier last night. Nyquil. Brother Mark on a trip to Hail, S.A.

Colin Kapernick won. Look at those NBA jerseys. Black Lives Matter on warmup shirts. Say Their Names on their game jerseys. Joe Ellis, Bronco’s President, says taking a knee is more than o.k., it’s a player’s right. The protests go on. The pressure mounts. The election is crucial. This is the most positive thing happening in the U.S. right now. I find great joy in it.

Delaying the election. Feeling it out on Twitter. Not a positive thing. Not a thing. Echoing no’s. Put these together: Federal troops in Portland. Threats to send them to other cities. Threats from our President. Delay elections. The President is immune to prosecution. He’ll have to see if he respects the election results. This is dictator logic. Presidency for life. Is that next?

Kate had a good night, breathing easier. We’re tracking down the symptoms, looking for causes. Treatments. Life here right now. And, it is life. Not a hazy version, not one clouded by depression, but life itself. Rolling forward. Seeking answers.

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