Happy Now

Lughnasa and the Labor Day Moon

Saturday gratefuls: The best days of my life. Right now. Rigel at home. Kate feeling better. And, 76. Transparent windows. Precious moments. Joe and Kamala. The orange excrescence. Murdoch in photos from Brenton. Extreme fire danger. Wildfires. Moving closer to election day. Can’t come soon enough. Ruth, Gabe, Jon coming for Kate’s birthday.

Life is strange. I always thought the best days of my life were those moments of achievement. Those moments when General Mills pulled out of Stevens Square. Control Data out of Elliot Park. MEED. MICAH. Delivering food to the protesters at Wounded Knee. That sort of thing. Or, the night Joseph came, December 15th, 1981. Our honeymoon following spring through Europe. Maybe that day Rigel got her head stuck in the gate. The first day we had her. Nope.

The best days are right now. With Rigel back from VRCC, her future still somewhat uncertain, I realized, yeah, mine, too. And, Kate’s. And, Kep’s. More fine tuning. The best night was last night. Rigel asleep by Kate. Kep on the bed. The best moment is right now. Black Mountain in a smoky haze from the Western Slope Wildfires and the multiple Wildfires in California.

Life’s moments, each of them, I said to Kate last night, precious. This one. I reached over and touched her hand. She said, yes. I understood why being in the now is so important for our mental and spiritual health.

The U.S. Forest Service fire warning signs have been pegged on EXTREME for the last several days. It’s dry and hot. When it’s Windy, the weather service throws up red flag warnings. No. I don’t worry. Yes, I’m paying attention.

One odd thing that Wildfire threat does. It forces a realization of what’s truly important: Kate, Kep, Rigel. Those few papers that we really, really need. Not, in other words, our house, our art, my books. If Fire demands those, we offer them up. But we leave with what matters. Prefer not to, of course.

Here’s a sequelae. My pandemic is over. This is our life. And, I love it. When things change, herd immunity achieved, a successful vaccine made and taken, visits no longer fraught with concerns about infection, that will be our life. In other words, we’re here and happy. Right now.

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