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Lughnasa and the Labor Day Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Mountain lions and bears, oh my! Snow plowing. Rigel’s eating. Long, soaking rain yesterday. 47 degrees this a.m. Red clouds, red sun. Mary’s birthday. Seoah, Joe. Ruth.

Here are a few snippets from today’s e-mails and message boards. These locations are all close by in mountain terms:

Mountain Lion. About 4pm today, a mountain lion took one of our goats (about 60 lbs) and carried it over a 5′ fence and a hundred yards down the hill towards Shawdow Mountain dr. before my dogs chased it away. Be cautious, and watch out for kids and pets.”

WATCH OUT! A BIG FAT BEAR IS ROAMING AROUND! Although my coup in build like Fort Knox, I lost 23 chickens last night to a very persistent and resourceful bear. He even came back for desert and killed my prize rooster. Today I hate bears.”

Up on the Roof. Yep! That’s a buck standing on the roof of the garage. Just another day in the neighborhood. 💕”

Deer Creek canyon road closed. Tried to come from Littleton up deer Creek canyon road around 4:45 p.m. it is closed due to a fire near the park.”

“Hello! Just checking in to see if you’d still like us to provide snow plowing services for you this season? “

That was yesterday. Another post talked about the beginning of the elk rut. Those strange strangled baby cries. The clack of antlers. Lots of elk sex.

One neighbor posted a picture of what he called Alaskan bear proofing for a chicken coop. Apparently you go inside the coop with a bag of big nails and pound them through the wall, sharp end out all the way around. Looked medieval.

Fire mitigation problem. Another mountain staple. Had a crew come out Tuesday to cut down three trees. I e-mailed the company earlier and said I would blaze the trees so they’d know which ones.

When I came home, the blazed trees were still standing. I e-mailed them. ? Got a call from Will, whom I like a lot. “Did my guys cut down the wrong trees?” Huh?

Turns out Will didn’t know what blazing a tree meant so they defaulted to an earlier conversation about trees with blue ribbons. Little bitty trees.

Will came by later in the day. He now knows what it means to blaze a tree. If you don’t, it’s cutting away a section of bark to leave exposed wood. Blazing a trail, for example. He tied orange tape around the trees, said his guys would be back.

These are three trees I don’t trust myself to fell because I might hit the house or garage.

What this all means is that summer has begun to wane. The animals, bears and mountain lions and elk and mule deer, know it. They’re getting ready for the winter, just like we are with snow-plowing.

The Great Wheel turns in the Rockies.

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