Roll Up Your Sleeves

Samain and the Moon of Radical Change

Sunday gratefuls: My country. Released. Our country. Freed. This experiment in justice and equality as a way of governing continues after a four year 180 degree turn. Pressure. Beautiful political pressure on this moment from: Covid! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Climate change. Just cool it. Black Lives Matter. Change policing. Fight systemic racism. And those of us who wanted to remove the Presidency and the Federal government from our list of worries. And, to that great wakin’ up mornin’ on January 20th. Yes.

Can you imagine? The Proud Boys. The Three Percenters. The Klan. All lining up for protection detail. To keep Biden alive! Because look who’s waiting just next door. A woman! OMG. And, she’s black. She’s Indian. Don’t let him die, lord.

Want to get your worry mode back on for a minute? America’s Next Strongman Will Be Much More Competent. Thank you Atlantic for the perfect antidote to joy.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving. Yes. Thanks, America. Thanks. I mean, really. I’m grateful that enough of us recognized the evil that lurked behind the Resolute Desk to ram his pirate ship and sink it. He stole the treasure that was our peace of mind. He stole the lives of so many in the Covid crisis. He stole our reputation in the international community. He grabbed Lady Liberty by her short hairs and would. not. let. go. He mocked the disabled, caged children, and started tariff wars with our allies. He loved the strongmen and ridiculed the sane, stable, steady leaders of the world. He had, as one meme has it: no books, no art, no music, no decency, no history. He was id on wheels. And, he was, for a way too long period of time, our President.

Not sure about Joe Biden’s actual politics. What he might have wanted to do in a Presidency. I am sure history’s weight now falls on his shoulders. So much to be done. Covid, a rational and scientific response. Climate Change, the same. Lifting up and renewing the lives of black, brown, red, yellow citizens. Delivering the fruits of our strong economy to the working class and to those who’ve give upĀ  on finding work. Modeling the sort of relationship men and women, adult men and women, can and should have with each other. That’s plenty. Let’s get to work on that.

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