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Samain and the waning crescent Moon of Radical Change

Friday gratefuls: That Kate’s extreme shortness of breath resolved. The fall salad from Easy Entrees. Using the gift cards from Mary, Mark, and Diane at Easy Entrees. Thanks. Seoah and her organized approach to domestic chores. I learned a lot from her. More yet to learn. Seoah and Joe as they try to make a Covid context move from Singapore to Hawai’i. Murdoch’s upcoming journey from Loveland, Colorado to Hawai’i. The Legend of Fuyao. The Winds. Over 20 mph gusts this morning. Moving the Lodgepoles and the Aspen.

The Winds. Our Atmosphere moving weather systems from here to there. A bit warmer weather pushing out the winter like temperatures we had. Winds draw Moisture from the Soil, evaporate Snow, lifts Water out of Creeks, and dries out Plants. Since we’re in a drought and have had very high to extreme fire danger for weeks, the Winds make it worse. The election lifted the Trump off my list of worries (Yes, I know. He’s still there. But, he won’t be.) and I would like Winter and Snows to cancel fire dangers for a while. Let me get back to Kate and Covid.

Kate. Yesterday morning. Extreme shortness of Breath that didn’t resolve until she was in bed for some minutes. Usually lying down takes care of less severe sob (shortness of breath). This morning she has the typical mild fever of a Sjogren’s flare. These incidents exhaust her Body and extinguish any Energy she might have for sewing or other creative projects. Tough. And, we never know when to expect these changes.

She’s resilient and takes these things as they happen. If she didn’t, our situation here would be worse. Even so.

Trump pouting around the Whitehouse. “I won. I really, really won. I won bigly. Voter fraud. Voter fraud. Cheaters and liars. Get me a cheeseburger.” The election drained away his power for me. He’s a lameduck, a has-been, a reject, a loser. A sucker. What happened in the election? What’s going to happen next? How will the next year look? I’m ready to go there. My joy at trump’s ejection has had its moment in my psyche. Not that it’s gone, not at all, but the question of a nation divided, yet needing to move ahead on so many fronts consumes me.

The zeitgeist will determine much of what’s possible. What is the spirit or genius of this age? Depends in part on how you define age. I’m gonna take a big gulp and say this age runs from the end of WWII to whatever is on its way. Why? WWII established the U.S. as a world power. Hard to remember for those in the baby boom since we grew up during the cold war. The Soviet Union and the U.S.ofA. locked in a folie à deux. A psychotic dance routine that featured world eliminating weapon systems, norad, the B52, and spy versus spy. Later on the once and future Trump, Ronald Reagan, would proclaim victory in that cold war. The Berlin Wall fell. And for a brief glaring moment, the US was no longer a world power, but the world power. The Hegemon. Wow. Pretty floaty stuff.

Didn’t last long though. Gore v. Bush. Hanging chads. Those planes. The towers. The falling man. The Hegemon was under attack, under attack by asymmetrical warfare. We lost one war, lost it. Those guys in black pajamas. Tunnels and punji sticks. You would think. But, no. From steamy tropical deserts to the sandy Middle East. Then, into the great sinkhole of imperial powers: Afghanistan. Still there. Still fighting an enemy we don’t understand with weapons honed for big wars. For the cold war.

The Hegemon humbled. The dark powers of the Bush II Presidency, men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and women like Condoleeza Rice embroiled us in a forever war with people who are not our enemies. Just like the Vietnamese. We could have treated 9/11 as a police matter and used law enforcement. Instead, we went full throttle bomb and kill, just like Bin Laden hoped we would. We may have killed him and it may have felt good. But, he won. We’re stuck in wars with people whose lives were already miserable and we’re ensuring they’ll stay that way for years.

The zietgeist is a realigning of the world order. We’re headed toward regional powers with no superpower. Just how the globe will look, say fifty years from now, I don’t know, but we will not be world police anymore. This realignment has allowed populist demagogues to take power in places like China, Hungary, Brazil, the U.S. By accident it’s happening in the midst of a global pandemic and at a time when the window for effective action on climate change is closing.

What’s the most compelling art work that captures this era?

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