Covid Noise


Samain and the Moon of Thanksgiving

Monday gratefuls: Sushi Win. Spring rolls. Sushi Win special roll. Wonton soup. Dumplings. Night off from cooking. Tonight: Easy Entrees Cottage Pie. A new Moon. The power of democratic traditions and norms. Evident now, at least to me. The Stars in the Heavens. The Mountains and Oceans on Earth. The fruited plains. The dark soils of the Midwest. The Colorado River. The Central Valley of California. The Yangtze. The Danube. The Mississippi. The Missouri.

Soon there will be turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie.

But. We’ll need to imagine going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house because gram and gramps are at high risk for two deadly diseases: the flu and Covid 19. It’s gonna be a long distance holiday, as I imagine Christmas will be, too. This holiseason will be memorable for what we don’t do more than what we do. Talked with Joe the other day and we’re thinking July, around Seoah’s July 4 birthday. Maybe in their new home on Oahu. Virtual dessert with Kate’s sisters, maybe the same with Jon and the kids. Christmas and Hanukah. To be decided.

Good news about the vaccines. Two different companies reporting 90% and 95% effectiveness. Yes. Maybe we’ll be able to see this whole thing in the rear view by next summer or fall. God, I hope so. Right now I’m satisfied with the disappearance of Trump from my list of things to consider when I wake up. I mean really satisfied. So much so that Covid seems distant, static being played on the planet’s radio. The noise doesn’t get here.

Not true though. Jackie, our hair stylist, got it. She’s a friend. The closest in to our circle that I know who’s had it. We see her tomorrow. No, we’re not gonna join in the great American Covid experiment if we can help it.  Too old, too much risk. When I drove over to Sushi Win yesterday to get some take out, a small restaurant had a banner sign that said, “Come on, Evergreen. Let’s get busy living.” On their patio, in 45 degree weather, several sat maskless eating. It’s that attitude and that sort of carelessness that is driving our current surge. And, note, this is a surge in the first wave. We never flattened the curve. We sorta smushed it toward down a couple of times, but we never behaved well enough to gain control. If we had…

The era of corporate logos on astronauts and space mining took a blazing step forward with the SpaceX launch of crew headed to the space station. Up, up, and away!

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