A Day, This Day, Any Other, too. For Thanksgiving.

Samain and the Moon of Thanksgiving

Thursday Thanks giving: Kate, always Kate. Mark. Mary. Diane. The Clan. Joe. Seoah. Kep and Rigel, beautiful after grooming. And, their neck scarves. Safeway pickup. Easy Entrees Turkey, gravy, stuffing. Kate’s sisters. CBE. Alan. (yes, I know many of these are repetitive over time, but that’s good news.) Orion and his dog chasing Elk over Black Mountain. Follow the arc to Arcturus. And, follow the pointer stars to Polaris. Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. Part of Canis Major. Latin. Writing. The gifts of breath and digestion. The eyes. And, hands. Not to mention legs and feet.


Happy Thanksgiving! For many survival will be the main thing to give thanks for. For others thanks will come out with difficulty and tears. All the death. All the individuals infected. Their families. All the medical personnel trying to hold back the relentless increase in the U.S. Bless them. Bless the “essential” employees who’ve kept us fed. Kept the lights on. Kept gas available. Cleared the roads. Driven the ambulances. Kept the internet and zoom working. Next, let’s pay them all what they deserve.

Kate and I will be isolates. Still. Happily so. I had a very busy day yesterday getting Rigel and Kep all clean and nice for today. We’ll have sparkling doggies standing by our plates as we eat. Easy Entrees provided the herbed Chicken breast, Sage stuffing, and Turkey dressing. I will make mashed potatoes and asparagus. We will talk with siblings and children. I’ll talk with Alan at 9. The internet will be buzzing with very socially distanced conversations.

With the Snow on Monday the Wildfire risk dial, Smoky the Bear’s finger, points to low. That’s an immediate cause for thanksgiving. Trump’s defeat is another. The holiday feel that the lower temperatures and the Snow brought with them, another. All those Christmas songs I’ve been singing while driving hither and yon. The vaccines that give us hope that next year, sometime, we may be able to get out, see the grandkids. Another major source of thanksgiving.

A holiday we could celebrate any and every day of the year. This year though I’ll sign off with gratitude for each of you who read this. Not as many as I’d like, but a good deal more than none. Bless you all.

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