Get Outta the House. But, not yet.


Samain and the Full Moon of Thanksgiving

Monday gratefuls: A wise Kate. Our money. Home. This one. On Shadow Mountain. Games. Chillier weather. Covid. Trump leaving in 51 days. Writing. Painting. Chess. This loft/studio. Oahu, new home for Joe and Seoah. Their arrival there last night. Laughter. Humor. Legend of Fuyao. Korean drama. Vaccines. Did I mention I’m grateful that Trump will be leaving in only 51 days?


On the task. My turn to select the theme for my buddies, the Ancient Ones, to discuss. Nothing’s coming to mind. Or, rather, the things that have come to mind just don’t seem right. Home. Yesterday’s theme from Paul generated a lot of intense and thoughtful conversation. It’ll come.

Kate and I are looking for two person games to play. You know, Covid. If you have one, pass it along.

Still not able to read the post-election analysis. I spent a lot of my political will on mentally pushing Biden over the finish line, along with millions of the Trump weary. Tired. Yet. I want to get a handle on the new way our nation is. It will not be what was. Never again. Let’s make that so. But against Trump is not a policy, or a way of governing. Also, against Trump is not what 70 million of our fellow citizens wanted. Guess I’ll get there on considering these issues when my heart is less heavy from the near term past.

In a facebook post Joseph said one of his favorite moments in Singapore was playing 1 0n 1 basketball with one of his Chinese People’s Liberation Army classmates. He was there to learn international relations in a military context. In Hawai’i for the next few years. He and Seoah want a home close to a beach. But, first. ROM. That’s military for quarantine: Restriction of Movement.

After landing in San Francisco, Joe texted me and said he could see why infections are so bad here. Why? I asked. The immigration official did not have a mask. Social distancing was not being practiced. He and Seoah, heading to a fourteen day ROM in Hawai’i were able to eat lunch in a restaurant, wander around the airport. Oh. I see. Coming from a very strict place (Singapore). Both ends of the spectrum, he added.

Murdoch may be in Hawai’i before Christmas. Or, not. Complicated. But Brenton and Joe have got things working. Blood tests, hard copies of vet visits and vaccination certifications. Then, of course, there’s putting him in a crate for a flight to Oahu. Murdoch has had quite the doggy adventure. Georgia. The Rocky Mountains. Loveland. Then, surfing. Not to mention biting a lot of people along the way with his sparring partner, Kepler.

Tomorrow, the last month of this wretched year. But a lot of fun before it goes. Advent, Hanukah, Posada, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, then New Years. Gonna be quiet holidays here, but that’s perfect for us. Let’s get through this and on to the vaccinations. Then, whatever length of time it takes, lets get outta the house and have some fun.

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