A Day in the Life

Samain and the Thanksgiving Moon

Monday gratefuls: Chess. Chess puzzles. Luhzin Defense by Nabokov. Queen’s Gambit. Safeway pickup. Irv and Marilyn. The Ancient Ones. Kakun. Shinise. Ichiwa. Ikigai. Wabi-Sabi. Korea. Seoah’s parents, her brother, and her two sisters.  Seoah. Joe. Still in quarantine. Hawai’i. Air Force. Murdoch. Brenton.


Went over to talk to Eduardo and Holly. They had a freezer they wanted to get rid of. Eduardo was at work building a twelve foot long trailer. I had the metal lying around, so I cut it, and built the frame. Bought the axle for $50. He pounded a large metal spike into the frame with a handheld sledge.

Eduardo is a great cook, a mechanic, and works as the manager of a commercial laundry. He’s from Tijuana and they visit his now long ago taken by Alzheimer’s father frequently. Holly has thyroid cancer. She was the second one on our block after me. We talked chemo and surveillance tests. Big fun. The freezer? A horizontal one. We need an upright.

Covid has eaten into the neighborhood experience although I still talk to Jude and Holly and Eduardo occasionally. Some have begun the 8 o’clock pm howl. Our wolf pack. Mountain folk tend not to be extroverts. That’s why we live in the mountains anyhow. But we do see each other once in a while. Picnics. Barbecues. We’re the oldest by a good ways of those around us and by far the least interested in internal combustion engines. This is a motorhead block. Lots of tools, guns, trailers, being worked upon vehicles of many shapes and sizes.

Sushi Win for Sunday takeout. Spring rolls. Wonton soup. Sushi Win special roll. It’s a drive to pick it up, but it’s a drive in the mountains. Elk. Mule deer. Up and down. Mountain streams. Lots of curves. And not many vehicles. I sing out loud while I drive, Christmas songs right now. My memory has holes in it, so there’s a lot of humming between verses I remember.

Once in a while something jiggles my chess interest. Queen’s Gambit did it this time. I’ve never played much, but the game fascinates me. I do chess puzzles online. Play against computer chess engines. Been reading chess themed novels. Right now the Luhzin Defense by Nabokov. He’s so good. His prose is lathered onto the page, bumpy and sticky with real life. Finished the Grandmaster, a YA novel, a week or so ago. Also reading the 8. Go is the more complex game, but chess is fun, too.

It appears Murdoch may be home for Christmas. Hawai’i. Which will be a big, big change from Loveland, Colorado where his full double coat has grown thick in response to winter. Seoah and Joe can look forward to dog hair everywhere for a while.

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