Hunting for Time

Samain and the Moon of Thanksgiving

Tuesday gratefuls: Gary’s quick steak. Frozen corn. Holiday grapes. Yumm. Charlie Haislet. Mark Odegard. Cancer. Prostates. Mary in the Raffles Town Club Lounge, listening to Christmas music. Hotel Singapore. You can check in, but you can never leave. Guru. Diane. Mark. Oil money. Filthy lucre. Our land in west Texas. Happy Holidays. 43 days until Independence Day!


On prioritizing vaccine recipients.  First, I’d go with medical personnel, nursing home staff and residents, and the folks we dubbed essential workers back in March and April. Justice. Often for minimum wage the essential workers faced challenges the rest of us huddled in our homes to avoid. And, they still do. I’m ok waiting even with age and other high risk factors. We’ll get there. Savlanut. The mussar trait of patience.

On checking the idiot. Asking election operatives and legislative folks in both Georgia and Pennsylvania to overturn the legitimate, validated election results. So he can win. Come on! Please let me win! I don’t wanna move. I’m the best there ever was. He has introduced a poison pill into electoral politics that may muddy elections to come. A plague on all of his houses. And, towers.

However. Biden won. Trump did not. Yeah. Weight lifted. Kate’s gained a homeostasis leaving her more upbeat, more present. Yeah!!! So far so good on my psa’s. Joe and Seoah get out of quarantine next week. Vaccines are in use in Britain and on the way here. Fire danger is low. The Winter Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, and Christmas are just ahead. It’s now possible to buy a new freezer. So, lots of upticks. More than in any time period I can recall for over two years. Grins. Pumps fist in air.

Still trying to find time to write, paint. Hard. Lots of stuff to do each day. Caregiving has its challenges, sure, but. When it’s someone you love, someone with whom you share 30 years plus of memories, someone who has become as essential to you as air, it’s a privilege. And, a joy. My life now is as satisfying and filled with meaning as it has ever been. Learning tricks about cooking, food storage, pre-prepped meals has helped a lot. Also, having a functional dishwasher. (which I did not have when Kate had her shoulder done.)

Always good to see Diane and Mary, the clan. Mark’s taking a break right now.

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