Covidiots and the Holidays

Samain and the Thanksgiving Moon (a lovely crescent this morning with Venus below and Spica nearby)

Wednesday gratefuls: Less trash. Kep and Rigel, sleeping dogs. 42 days!!! Hanukkah starts tomorrow. Gotta get out the menorahs. Jon turns 52. Joe’s working hard on getting Murdoch to Hawai’i. Maybe as soon as Christmas. Maybe early January. The Pacific. Pearl Harbor. Hickham AFB. Hawai’i. Mama’s Fish House. Halakala. Mauna Kea. Mauna Loa. Kilauea. Hilo. The tropics.


Saw Kate’s GI doc, Dr. Rhee, yesterday. He’s a very good guy. Calming. Clear. Thinks the higher calorie feeding supplement is a great idea, may solve the leakage problem and therefore the wound problem. Kate and I agreed that we didn’t miss going to see doctors. The long period without appointments has been healing for her. Makes us think twice about doing more tests. Maybe wait, see if the extreme shortness of breath happens again.

Got some more oil money. $100 or so. Thanks to sister Mary for tracking all this down. She’s says there’s more in the (pardon this) pipeline. A bit weird. Though. Our portion of the well is a fraction of a fraction. Dad inherited a fraction and each of us inherited a fraction of his fraction. A dying energy source if a Bloomberg article I read about Peak Oil is true. And, I hope it is. Not sure now that I remember who it was that owned the family’s portion of the well to begin with. Put this together with our strange inheritance of 40 acres of sand, mesquite, and rattlesnakes in west Texas. Gives us a certain 19th century flair.

Been busy. Here and there. Working out. Groceries. Cooking. Doctors. The usual. A bit slower than normal. We can finally buy a freezer. They’re back in stock. Or, at least available to order. Going to try find one today. Our old one, beeping and sad, will leave us when we get a new one. That will require yet more work in the garage after, as they say, I pull the trigger on the purchase.

Friends of ours visited a prosthetic craftsman yesterday. He’s done very good work on the prosthesis, a sort of Citroen like shock absorber system that can adjust itself with commands from a cell phone. But, he refuses to wear a mask. They brought him one, but he took it off. After having told them that his family had Covid recently! Hard to know what say when the health care workers themselves refuse to wear masks.

Trump and the Christmas miracle of vaccines versus Joe Biden’s long, dark winter. Where you inflect the data is important. Yes, fine vaccines. Not miracles, of course, but very, very good science. That’s science as in facts, hypothesis, testing, accepting the negative as a good result. Waiting for a conclusion until the facts demonstrate a conclusion. Do you see the difference here between Trump and science?

Biden’s dark winter. Yes. Dark winter. Fine vaccines. Too bad Trump didn’t take Pfizer up on the offer to buy more vaccines. More will die. We have to get through the surging surge. 7 day average: 206,000 cases. Thanksgiving travel only beginning to affect the numbers. With Christmas and school breaks yet to come. Plus New Year’s eve. Could the orange excrescence have been more deadly to the citizens of this already great country? Probably.

Still not there on learning about the election, about the first 100 days of Biden’s administration. About Georgia. PTSD. Post Trump Stress Disorder still active. Real.

For now, with Joe and Seoah, I’ll say: Aloha.

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