Off With His Head (no. not him.)

Samain and the Moon of the New Year

Thursday gratefuls: Scooter’s Barbecue. Brisket and ribs and cornbread and beans. Feeling better. Murdoch, Joe, and Seoah. Together in January. Rigel, sleeping late. 34 days! Ruth’s new haircut. Gabe’s metal detector. Ruth’s unicycle. Kate’s new(er) normal. This amazing Holiseason. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The Winter Solstice. Rabbi Jamie. A sweet, smart guy. Mark and Mary. Diane. All those linkages and relationships that keep us who we are. Including with our selves.

Here’s a Winter Solstice challenge for you. On December 21st, under the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, find a version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Read it. Consider how it might relate to the long night. To the turning of the Great Wheel. If you accept this challenge, I’d like to know what you learn. Look for my own analysis on December 22nd.

Not sure where the melancholy went. But, it’s gone or submerged for now. Happy about that. Extended my staycation to the end of the year. I need a good length of time away from the usual routine. Except, of course, for writing Ancientrails. This one stays. Like Ode’s cup of joe and oatmeal for me.

When melancholy appears, it’s usually been around for longer than I knew. When it lifts, my head pokes up above the gray clouds. Oh, look! A shiny world, full of possibility. My energy level increases. I stop running down the old lanes that lead to the slough of despond, the forest of burned trees. And, I’m in the present. Not distracted by the fog any longer, I can see the ground in front of me. Can find my way again.

I have a few things I want to get done today. Mark’s checks mailed. A task not as easy as it may sound. CD’s back in their clamshells. Play a round of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. Make chicken noodle soup.

We saw Ruth, Gabe, and Jon last night over Google Meet. Meet the new Skype, much like the old Skype. Why not Zoom? Their preference. All three of them use variations of these programs all day. Jon teaching, Ruth learning, Gabe gazing off into space. Jon’s doing so well as a single parent. The kids obviously love being with him. Good to see. So good to see.

Ruth’s cut her own hair after doing a genetics project for a class. It involved the genetic transmission of curly hair. Gabe, Ruth, Jon, and Jen. All curly. She called Kate the other night for some help. Kate talked to her about heterozygosity. (my neologism) Ruth: “It’s so great you know that word!” A smart girl with a smart grandma. Her new do is bangs with longer curlier hair.

Jon got them great Hanukkah gifts. Ruth, a unicycle. Out of left field, he said. Yeah, but in a way that makes a lot of sense for her spirit of adventure. And for Gabe, a metal detector. He’s dreaming, I think, of making a fortune with it. Maybe, as he says. Although he draws it out, mayybeeee.

Until we have the vaccines, no more visits. We’ve gotten this close. Maybe though we’ll be able to celebrate their birthdays this year in person. That would be April. Covid days and Covid nights.

Until tomorrow.

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