Big Week. Mythic.

The last day of Summer’s End and the Moon of the New Year (plus the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn)

Sunday gratefuls: Chex Mix. Homemade. The Ancient Ones. Snow. Maybe more on Wednesday. Bed warmer dogs. Raised by Wolves and Janet King. Good TV. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Yule. Winter Solstice. Yule logs. Evergreen. Pine. Conifer. Going dark and deep to celebrate. Then, embracing the light and the warmth. Covid. 31 days! A month only. Yes. Fist pump! Vaccines. Hawai’i. Joe and Seoah. Easy Entrees. Mary and Diane. Thanks. 2021.



Easing in to the big week. The Winter Solstice on Monday. Christmas on Friday. Dark and light. But, both instances of incarnation. Pondering the Children of Wonder, the message humanity gives to itself about the powers of the universe. They are in each of us. Apollo and Dionysus. Tammuz. Attis. Mithra. Jesus. All babies are baby gods.

What will you do with this one wild and precious life? Live it out loud, out there, out beyond your comfort zone. Discover the significance of your life, your gift. You. Maybe it’s corny. But, maybe not. When was the last time you really felt the power? Another Solstice challenge. Find that moment. Recall it in detail. Feel it. Head toward another like moment when you feel it. What’s the trigger? Pull it.

I will be reading Simon Armitage’s translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There are several free versions on line. Discovered a movie, The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel. Covered in darkness by Covid it will now be released in the summer of 2021.

The mythic depth of this season, this week, reaches right into my soul, makes me come alive. I hope it does for you, too.


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