Holiday Hump Day

Winter and the Moon of the New Year

Wednesday gratefuls: Trash pickup. Cold and Snow. Kate. Always Kate. 28 days! Two fortnights. And, you’re outta there. Vaccines. Covid. Kep and Dr. Bachtel. VRCC. Sano. Christmas. Christmas eve. Christmastide. (which ancientrails will follow this year.) Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Kate. Hanukkah. Joe and Seoah. Christmas. Me. Winter Solstice.


Two days after the Solstice, two days before Christmas. Poised between metaphysics, enjoying both of them. The Tree. The Lights. The Mistletoe. The Yule log. Presents. Even Santa Claus. Pagan roots that grow well from the soil of each.

Gettin’ on my camel, headed for Bethlehem, following yonder star. Or as we call it now, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Got some edibles from the Happy Camper in my gift bag. For Joseph, the poor shlub.

Celebrating the incarnation, the god within each of us. A Christmas idea that I celebrate. Every day. Every time I see another person. Or should I say I celebrate the humanity of every god? Either way.

Also celebrating the life spirit in Black Mountain, Kep, Rigel, the Mule Deer. the Elk, the Fox, the Wolf, the Mountain Lion, the Bobcat, the Marmot, the Fisher, the Minx. In the Rain and the Aspen communities, in the bunch grass and the daisies. In Shadow Mountain and Kilauea. In Maxwell and Bear creeks. The South Platte. The Mississippi. The Gulf of Mexico, part of the World Ocean.

Got word the Air Force has called Santa back into active duty for the next two days. No, he’s not going to carpet bomb anybody. As far as I know.

As you can tell, I’m in a paradoxical mood this morning, relying on you to sort things through from your own theological perspective.

Solstice and Christmas blessings to each of you who reads this and all of you who don’t.

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