The Old Hometown Is Just the Same

Winter and the Imbolc (Wolf) Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Two better days in a row for Kate. Leftover pot roast and potatoes. Safeway pickup. Vaccines. Covid. $% gone. $^ in the oval. Getting to work on climate, Covid, the economy. Colorado. The Rocky Mountains. Gabe. Ruth. Jon. Joe. Seoah. Murdoch.



Sister Mary sent me this: Alexandria Racial Justice March Greeted by Counter Protesters. Where we grew up. Good and usual news. The good news: some of the protesters for justice were from Alex. The usual news: the counter protesters were, too. Sounds like the Alexandria police chief did a good job. Might call that surprising news.

It encourages me that these protests have come to small town Indiana. Not what I’d call a progressive state.

Kate’s had a couple of better days. We’ll see how this goes. A difficult stretch.

Short post today. Gotta go get groceries at Safeway. Maybe sleep. A rotten night. Dreaming, nightmaring. Irresponsible, unable to fulfill expectations me. Just couldn’t get to that ecumenical service to represent Beth Evergreen. Lost the address. My phone. The car. Disappointing Jamie. Ashamed. Woke up feeling wrung out and achy.

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