Imbolc and the Megillah Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Mountain Waste. Kate’s better days Monday and Tuesday. A new doc. Vaccines. Covid. Biden. Stimulus. Asia. Joe and Seoah, my Asia. Life, whatever it is.

Sparks of Joy: The Bidens walking on the White House lawn with their dog. Cheese enchiladas. Snow on Mt. Evans. Vaccines.



This speaks for itself. From Colorado City, Texas, after power went out and it was cold:

Residents turned to a community Facebook group to ask whether the small town planned to open warming shelters, while others wondered if firefighters could do their job without water. But when Colorado City’s mayor chimed in, it was to deliver a less-than-comforting message: The local government had no responsibility to help out its citizens, and only the tough would survive.

“No one owes you [or] your family anything,” Tim Boyd wrote on Tuesday in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to KTXS and KTAB/KRBC. “I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout!”   WP

This tone and attitude is not new. I recall a Congressional campaign back in the 1990’s when I asked the Democratic candidate, “Why have politics become so mean?” This was just prior to the rise of Michelle my belle Bachman, one of the squirreliest of them all. 2007. Palin, Bachman, Trump. Crazies of a feather.

It is not clear to me now, nor was it clear to me then, how the Christian right, of which Bachman was and is a dull example, could countenance disparaging and gutting the poor, people of color, LBGT folks. Not a Christian attitude. I mean, not even close. Apostasy. All I can say on that right now.

                              Kate with baby Gabe. 2008

Unusual. My body did not feel like exercise. Rare. Not sure, might be accumulated weariness. I did the cardio, the dynamic stretches, because often my body wakes up, says, oh, well, if you insist and off we go. Not today. So. Rest.

Feeling off. Here’s another possible dynamic. May seem weird but I think it has some merit. When Kate feels better, at first, me, too. Yeah. A bit later, if her feeling better goes on, I get tired. Why? I think because I feel I can let my guard down a bit, not be so on alert. And behind the alertness is exhaustion.

Think I’ll go nap.

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