Imbolc and the Megillah Moon

Thursday gratefuls: 8″ + of snow overnight. Building that snowpack. Kate’s three good/better days. Last of the steak Diane and a very good flourless chocolate cake. Covid. Vaccines. Lung disease. Prostate Cancer. Sjogren’s. Joe, the geopolitical analyst. Seoah for 50 N94 Korean masks. Rigel, for the body heat. Kep for being Kep.

Sparks of Joy: Snowflocked Lodgepole Pines. Blue gray sky backgrounding a whitened Black Mountain. Seeing the driveway already plowed. A clear schedule.

When we grew our own food, 2013, Andover


Had an interesting experience at Safeway the other day. I went for my usual pickup order, staying safe, saving time. I called in. Waited. One order came and went. Still I waited. I called. Oh, we’ll be there. I waited more. Called back. One of our associates loaded your order in someone else’s car. We’re shopping it again right now. About 20 minutes.


After a brief flash of anger, I calmed down, imagined the other person at their home with our groceries. Surprise!

While I waited, I saw a guy come out of the store without a mask and load items in his pickup truck. Again, a flash of anger. C’mon, guy. Give it up. Covid is real. People are dying. Calmed back down. Realized he didn’t have the Federal government behind him anymore. Felt so good and dissipated the animus. Just a guy. Harming himself and others.

April 2016 Shadow Mountain

Snow yesterday came down like Minnesota rain, straight and fast. 8 inches at least. Heavier, but still fluffy. I did the back deck with one arm for a bit, holding my coffee. Shifted after I could set the coffee on the deck. Went faster using both arms. Put on my new duckies from LL Bean for the first time since late October, early November. It’s been dry and what snow we’ve had hasn’t been much.

I support and want to reinforce the feud between 45 and Moscow Mitch. Any fractures in the GOP are good. Betraying the cynicism both had for the last four years while working with the other. In Carl Hiaasen’s newest book, the Presidential home is still in Palm Beach, Florida. But its name is Casa Bellicosa.

November, 2015

Another unexpected Covid danger. Avalanches. No, Covid doesn’t cause avalanches, but it has made hardy skiers head for backcountry skiing, no runs, no ski lifts, just snow and you. The problem? A weak layer of snow now covered with increasing snow pack.

This creates a severe danger and has killed more skiiers and snowmobilers in the West this year than any other in recent memory. 26 already this year, while there were 23 all last season. This doesn’t count the number at resorts who ski into a tree or boulder, or the rafters that drown in snowmelt swollen rivers. Caution, your leisure might be dangerous. Data from the Colorado Avalanche Center.

Meanwhile Texas Republicans blame Democrats for energy shortages in Texas. Uh-huh.

Kate’s neither better nor worse. Middlin’. Which is good for right now.


















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