Imbolc and the Megillah Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Alan. Kate. Purim. Kaballah Experience. Congregation Beth Evergreen. Plowed. Snow. 45 gone. Adults in charge. Not only adults, but some with at least common sense. Dr. Thompson. Life in the mountains.

Sparks of Joy: Masks for Purim. Hamantaschen. Seeing Tara at CBE. Lots of fresh, white Snow.

Lost the zip I had on Tuesday. A bit of a slacker on Wednesday. Back at it now.

Chatted with Joe on Facebook yesterday. He pointed me to a youtube video commenting on valuable sports cards. #4 was a Michael Jordan rookie card in #1 condition: $95,000. When he was much younger, he begged me to go in with him and buy a Michael Jordan rookie card. Jordan was still playing. Just $200, Dad. C’mon. Nope. Too much money. Well…

Feeling sorta smashed up against Covid, Kate, winter. Why I lost my zip. Still feeling it, but back in the groove where that’s life. Not struggling against it, going with it, staying in it.

Workout yesterday. Ooof. My right shoulder tells me those pushups worked my upper body. The general feeling of mild exhaustion is welcome, proof of concept when it comes to exercise. The shoulder not so much.

Kate’s on the job. Finding a vaccine for us. The state has a hotline that seems to have real information. She’ll get’r done.

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