Yesterday’s Politics and Today’s

Imbolc and the quarter waning Megillah Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Getting sleep back. Kate’s full bore on the feeding tube nutrition. Snow. Gray sky over Black Mountain. Flowers from Tom, especially the Star Gazer lilies. Flight. The Air Force. Major Joe. Jon and his new insights.

Sparks of Joy: Writing poetry again. Email from Ode. Living in the Mountains.

Glad my friends turned me on to Heather Cox Richardson. Her daily newsletter of political analysis digests what’s important. If you’re interested, you can find her on Substack.

Today she’s talking about yesterday’s politics, as in Texas and Mississippi governor’s eliminating their mask mandates and the Texas governor accusing Biden of unleashing Covid bearing immigrants on Texas, and forward looking politics as in Biden’s initiatives declaring domestic policy and foreign policy inextricable intertwined: climate change, vaccinating against the pandemic, promoting democracy with soft power. She’s right. I hope.

She points out, as do articles in the Washington Post and the New York Times, that March 4th has special significance for the Q-anon crowd. Why? Because it was the original inauguration day. However, after 7 states seceded from the Union after Lincoln’s election in 1860 and before March 4th, the date got moved up. Q-anon apparently believes that, like the second coming, Trump will magically become president today. As if. But still. What?

Kate’s folded all the laundry, paid the bills, and has put us on lists for the vaccine. She’s also pushing the higher calorie feeding and is up to 82 pounds. May it continue. And, her spirits remain good. Which is amazing considering the various insults her body takes every day. Go, Kate.

Meanwhile I have an appointment with a pulmonologist next Tuesday. Dr. Thompson wasn’t sure about my diagnosis of COPD and felt I needed a specialist’s exam. Actually looking forward to the visit. Want to be sure I’m managing whatever lung problem I have in the optimum way.

A tough week for me this week. No exercise. Various stuff. I don’t feel good when I don’t exercise. I’m also habitual about it. Which sounds like a good thing, yeah? Well, it is, but if I get thrown off my days and times, it also means I tend to wait until I can get back to the usual days. Making up exercise is very difficult for me as a result.

In other, very undramatic news, I decided to end the tyranny of our many varied containers for storing left-overs. I purchased a Rubber-maid set and a set of 8 oz. round containers. Finished washing them last night and will replace all of our old containers with these new ones.

Part of the impetus for this was the need to freeze soups and things I make in smaller quantities. That way, when we unfreeze them, we’re not thawing more than we need. Makes sense, no?


As the weather shifts, I’m thinking about various projects. Getting the house siding stained. That five foot ignition free zone around the house. A new flower bed. Changing out the various air vents on the outside of the house to prevent embers from getting inside. Finding a new water treatment person.

Spring comes late in the mountains. March is our snowiest month. The spring forecast from Weather5280 insider doesn’t look good though. We may go into the drier summer months with less snowpack and recharge for our aquifers. This means the Arapaho National Forest will be stressed. Not a good thing for forest fires.

See you tomorrow.

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