Que serait, que serait

Imbolc and the 1% Megillah crescent (now, a new Moon)

Friday gratefuls: Kate at home. Vaccines. Post-polio syndrome. Polio. Big Snow on the way. Changing realities. Biden’s speech.

Sparks of Joy: Big Snow.


So. Life. Slaps you down, lifts you up. Slap, lift. Slap, lift. I’m in a being slapped moment. Again. Still.


At Domo


Let’s start over. Missed yesterday.

The Snow, little over night, has begun. Or, rather, Grappel. Tiny balls of Snow that come down like Rain. Not a pace, yet, that will get us to 1 foot, let alone 3. We’ll see.

Kate’s feeling more chipper this morning. She slept well and had a good night feeding through her new j-tube. Perhaps with the more predictable level of nutrition, some more water during the day, OT and PT, and her old regimen of blood pressure meds on board, we can get to a calmer, better place. It is a resolution devoutly to be hoped for.

Life is so much more with her here and able to participate. We’re both thinking hard about how to maintain it. When should her feedings happen? Should she drink more water, less coffee and pop? Can we find soft, solid food that she can eat? How much exercise does she need to improve her muscle strength? How do I fit into to her care? None of these are easy, all critical.

Joe offered to ask Seoah to come, but I said no. Too far to be a practical solution though she’s great when she’s here. They need to live their life together, too. If she could come and just live with us, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. And then, just as quickly, no. I guess if we could all live together somehow, that might work, but that’s not possible.

These next few months. The vaccines. Seeing if we can tweak our life so Kate’s better fed, more stable. More access to CBE, to Kate’s sewing groups after the vaccines. Maybe things will stabilize. By summer I’d say things will get much clearer.

Sushi Win

Joe and Seoah plan to come for her July 4th birthday. Big family conference then with Joe, Seoah, Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Talk about the house, our living arrangements, the dogs. See what the collective can imagine.

Christmas eve

Might include a second circle in that conversation, ancient friends, friends from CBE, Mary and Diane. Not sure how, or when, but we’ve achieved enough intimacy. The more heads noodling this one, the better as far as I’m concerned.

Now is not the time because so many variables are up in the air: Kate’s progress after this hospitalization, vaccines and the opening up after them, my own situation in regard to the post-polio syndrome. Money. On that last front our financial planner sent us a note and said he felt good about our portfolio last year since it appreciated at a rate of 23%! Yeah, that’s good, but what will he do for us next year? (that’s a joke, btw)

The only constant is change. Yup. As Tom might say.

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