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Imbolc and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Tuesday gratefuls: Mary, Diane. Kate, a bit better this am. Rigel and Kep, slogging doggedly through the Snow. Ted of All Trades who plowed us last night. Chex mix. Oranges. Rubbermaid storage containers. The dishwasher. The stove. Non-stick skillets. My cast Iron frying pan.

Sparks of Joy: Minnesota parking lot berms of Snow in our driveway. Bright Sun, blue Sky.

Kenosha pass and the Continental Divide, 2015

Tomorrow’s drinking Water is in our backyard today. Yep, we live on the top of the mountain, it’s all downhill from here, waterwise. That means what we get over the Winter and through our scant Rainfall recharges our wells. There is Water here, Old Water, that has collected in Rock formations well below the surface, but it’s tough to find and exhaustible.

So that’s all showers, all loads of laundry and dishes, all dog water, all toilet flushes dependent on what the water cycle brings to us. No Creeks to tap since they start up here. No Ponds or reservoirs, no community wells. Interesting to contemplate.

The Lodgepole Pines clever Snow shedding device, springy branches with a downward orientation and slight curve at the end of the Branch. Snow loads up, when the weight exceeds the Branches carrying capacity, it slumps. Can make hiking after a Snowfall a bit dodgy.

Quiet. Traffic remains subdued. (on that word. Saw a band named the Subdudes. Liked it.)

My sister, Mary, has a potential weird Covid crisis. She retired in June of last year. Due to Covid restrictions both in Singapore and then in Malaysia, where she wants to move, she remains in Singapore. Her teaching in Japan in the 2020 fall term got canceled, too.

Singapore has tightened up its visa restrictions to avoid an influx of folks wanting access to Singapore’s Covid environment and its excellent health care.

If Malaysia continues to restrict immigration as it is now and has for the past several months, she would not be able to go there if she ends having to leave Singapore. She might have to go to the U.S., possibly to Hawai’i to stay with Joe and Seoah until either Malaysia opens up or her makeup term in Japan starts in September.

Gotta be a lot of these sort of stories. Might be an interesting collection for the future.

Paul is the white-haired one. In the group of four.

Buddy Paul Strickland has a granite quarry that opened close to his and Sarah’s home in Robbitson, Maine. Boom. Boom. Boom. From morning till supper time. He’s not happy. He and Sarah are not folks you wanna fool with. More on this as it develops.

March 1 is meteorological spring. March 20th is Ostara, the vernal equinox. Expect a post about Easter Bunnies, witches, and revivification.

Passover comes on the 27th of this month for its eight day celebration and Easter on the 4th of April. Key holidays for both faiths. A lot to anticipate. We’ll also be discussing these holidays later in the month.

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