Imbolc and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Wednesday gratefuls: Quest Labs. More Snow! Kate’s better days right now. Vaccines. Kep’s sore shoulder. Rigel. Bitch of mystery. Oxygen concentrators. Tom and dogs. Whippets. German wirehaired pointers. (Gertie)

Sparks of Joy: Snowflakes. Gray sky. (no, really. I like it.) Stimulus plan. Infrastructure plan

Kamala Harris is in Denver, pitching support for the stimulus package. Second gentleman along with her. Here in Colorado the U.S. second gentleman could meet Colorado’s first gentlemen and his husband. Geez, how au courant. (not really his husband quite yet though they did announce their engagement this month.)

If you look one way, you can see a progressive push by a center-right Democrat, Joe Biden, and the House. If you look the other, you can see arrests still being made in the January 6th insurrection investigation.

If you look to the House again, you’ll find Nancy Pelosi giving full attention to infrastructure legislation. Building roads, doing long delayed maintenance, fixing bridges, working on public transportation, all could go a long way toward provided jobs for blue collar workers. Good job. Might get what I noticed as a spell check error just now: blue collar wokers.

Look one way and you can see Kate in good spirits, a bit tired, but eating well with her new feeding tube and getting more calories in. Look the other way and you can see my new diagnosis of post-polio syndrome. If you look to me again, you can see a man who works out, who cares for his wife, who has had his first vaccine shot.

An attention economy. That’s the word for the internet focused on focusing you on advertising, click bait, fake news. Life, however, is a long series of quests to direct your attention to those things which make you healthy, loving, wise, learned, satisfied. The attention economy is not new, it’s what life has always been. You’ve always been able to trivialize your time by going on the boob tube, listening to the box. Or, attending to whatever was the internet of its day.

I’ll leave you with this thought: where you put your attention matters. To you, those around you, to Mother Earth.


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