Imbolc and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Thursday gratefuls: Rabbi Jamie. Work outs. Biden rolling like early LBJ. Bristlecone Pine. Vaccines.

Sparks of Joy: Blue Sky. Bright Sun. Vernal equinox.


Colorado has 350 days of Sunshine. Not really, though some say so. More like 300 days with at least some Sunshine. It’s impressive anyhow for Sun lovers. The Solar Snow shovel works well because of this. We had 31 inches plus of snow less than a week ago and I can hear the melting snow hitting the gutters, roads are clear, and the big mounds from Ted’s plowing have shrunk a lot. Unlike that other place I lived where the roads would be ice covered and all that Snow still in place.

LBJ and Joe Biden. Saw someone linking their Presidencies. I hoped for this as Biden won. They share a common long time in the Senate and a big push by civil rights protests for change. If the Democrats reform the filibuster, which I hope they do, Biden and LBJ may end up on the same pages of many Presidential histories.

I loved the LBJ of the Great Society Programs, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act. He got stuck in the tarry political sands of the Vietnam War and capitulated to the anti-communism coursing through American political veins back then. I did not love that LBJ. But to ignore his big ideas and political victories is to miss the most progressive President since FDR.

May Biden be the same. Amen. (well, not on the anti-communist bit.)

The Atlanta shootings. Asian racist attacks. Scare me. Joe and Seoah are in the very best place in the U.S. during this time. Hawai’i is the multicultural future I’d love to see everywhere and includes citizens with many Asian homelands. But. If they come here? What then?

I’m not sure I understand the true driver behind these attacks. Is it Trump’s references to the Kung Flu virus? The Chinese virus? Or, is it the minority status among minorities that Asians experience in the U.S.? Therefore less capacity to fight back? Not sure.

Reform the filibuster. Now. Make’m work for their obstruction. Pass that key legislation drafted in the house. Now. Scorch McConnell’s earth.

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