Darkly luminous

Ostara and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Thursday gratefuls: Kate, more lucid. Sarah. BJ. Annie. Ruth and Gabe. Jon. Joe and Seoah. Diane and Mary. Rigel and Kep. Friends and other family. All holding us up right now.

Sparks of Joy: Brahms. Kate conducting. Sleeping.

Kate and Ruth, 2013?

Life in its many forms, shapes, colors. Riding high in April, shot down in May. Then, of course, there’s the rest of the year.

The Great Wheel turns within our lives right now. Kate’s moving into the depth of the fallow season. I’m in an uneasy Spring.

Kate is more lucid, resting better. Discharge probable soon, maybe as early as tomorrow. I’m in favor of a rehab facility right now. Get her some focused o.t. and p.t. for a short period of time while Sarah and I file a long term care claim and set up hospice care.

During the last period between hospitalizations I bought some things to make her bedside more comfortable. I’ve freshened up the linens and blankets. I’ll be ready for her when she’s able to come home.

Gotta get some different lemon drops, peppermint candies, ones she can fit into her mouth. Will help prevent the swollen salivary glands.

When I’m rested, and I’m much better rested right now thanks to Sarah, I find doing all this a joy. My heart sings while making the house comfortable for her. A hidden (to men) bonus of house work, domestic labor. It is my pleasure, as Seoah used to say.

We’re in a strange and darkly luminous space, poised between being together and forever apart. Our love has never been stronger. Sadness, peace, joy all balled up as one.

Breakfast, then back to the hospital.


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