Oh, honey

Beltane and the Moon of Mourning

Thursday gratefuls: Kate and I sitting together at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, letting the music wash over us. Kate and I on the train, in bed, as we rolled through Germany. Kate fussing with Kep’s blown coats. Death certificates. Rich Levine and his paralegal,┬áDonyce Gillespie-Ness. Lincoln, Rich’s dog. Joe’s follow through. Jon, whom I’m meeting for dinner tonight.

Sparks of Joy: Getting tasks done. Good sleep.

Kate in a favorite place, a fabric store


Getting the death certificates helped a lot. I sent a copy to our financial planner and one to the Board of Pensions. Tomorrow morning I’ll take one to Wells-Fargo, change the name on our account and on the safety deposit box. I’ll also fax one to Optum Rx.

Drove over to Evergreen Mortuary yesterday at 2. Picked up 8 death certificates, paid for them, said no I did not agree with the balance due for the cremation, and left. There’s some hitch in the giddy up between the Mortuary and the Cremation Society of Minnesota. I may have to resolve this one myself like Joe and I did on getting the death certificate signed. Count me unimpressed with their service.

Did occur to me that getting the death certificates about a week and a half late had a good side. Wasn’t as painful picking them up, photographing them, using them, as it would have been had they been more timely. So…

Did a complete circle around Shadow Mountain since I went from the Evergreen Mortuary on into Evergreen on 73. Rich and I had an appointment at 3 pm to discuss the estate and honey extraction.

He introduced me to Donyce, saying she was a former Minnesotan. Donyce and I launched into uffda, lefse, lutefisk, going up north to the cabin. As we agreed about the reality of cod soaked in lye as a foodstuff, Rich started to laugh. Wish I’d remembered an Ollie and Lena joke I could have told in mixed company.

This was about putting the house into the estate, getting it retitled, and retitling the car.

After Donyce left, Rich and I discussed solar wax rendering after honey extraction. He wants to do some honey extraction to help Sofia, Tara’s daughter (Tara is a good friend and will take me to the airport and pick me up for my Hawai’i trip), finish her senior project and graduate from high school.

I’m donating our honey extractor-motorized, solar wax renderer, uncapping knife, and whatever else he wants. Getting it out of our garage. He’s going to come by with dinner Friday night and we’ll load up. The honey extraction demonstration will happen at his house on Saturday morning.

This morning breakfast with Alan at the Wildflower in Evergreen. At 1 pm Safelite will replace the windshield on the Rav4, cracked by an errant rock from the back of a dump truck. Joseph made the appointment. Jon and I have dinner afterward.

A week from tomorrow I leave for Hawai’i. Still things to get done before then.

2014, Andover
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