On the Move Again

Beltane and the Island Moon

Friday gratefuls: Joe and Seoah. Marilyn, Rich, Ron, Tara, Judy, Susan. Meeting in person, face to face. All those who helped me over the last month. The Sisters. Ruth. Rabbi Jamie. Alan. The chevra kadisha and the mitzvah committee. Cody. Will. Emily. Diane and Mary. The Ancient ones. Kep and Rigel. Mark Koonz. The nurses at Swedish. And, Kate. Always Kate.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The new Iris bed. The Lilacs on their way. Travel at 500+ miles per hour. Up in the Sky! That helicopter on Mars.

Short one. Ready to go. Almost. Shower. Last few things in the suitcase and personal item. I’m going basic economy so no frills.

In person MVP last night. So good to be in the synagogue with the others. Lively, thoughtful, deep conversation. The unthawing of our post-covid lives. No, not yet fully, but at least some.

Time to boogie. Next post from Oahu, Hickam AFB.

Oh. Seoah called last night to make sure I’d had my test. She was worried. What a sweetie.

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