Powering Up

Beltane and the Island Moon

Friday gratefuls: Sun. Beach. Sky. Ocean. Birds. Family. Grieving. Friends. CBE. Islands. Food here.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Sun glinting off the Pacific. Trade Winds cooling us.

Last week at 11:45 MST I board United 384. Touched down on Oahu at 2:43 HI/Aleutian Time. Seven hours later. The weirdness of air travel and time zones. Since then, calmer. Only real stressor remaining (grief continues of course) is my budget. Not good with money. Not bad. Just don’t care. Unless there’s none. That’s bad. Enough. Good. Not knowing which is the case. Makes me uneasy.

Joe, who likes it when the numbers work out, will help me this weekend. Should put that one in the rear view. Then, boom, Island vacation. Yeah.

Not that it’s been stressful so far. Far from it. I’m sitting on the patio as I write, feeling the trades on my back, listening to the birds warble, Murdoch lounging a few feet away. Emily says everything is good back home. Had a Hebrew alphabet class this morning. Early. 5:30. Slept through part of it.

Learning a lot about the military, the way. Different from the civilian way. Still involves people. Layers of considerations. Classified. Unclassified. Strategic. Tactical. Country interests, theirs and ours. Human and material assets. Logistics. Diplomacy. These folks are doing a difficult job, with less than ideal resources. But, that’s the nature of a civilian controlled defense. Check. Balance. Confusion. Frustration.

Conversation with my buddy Alan. Life in the mountains. He and Cheri are now a two Tesla family. Tesla solar panels and two Tesla power wall batteries. Very eco. I’ve noticed decarbonization has become a word. Ugly. Like Latinx. But, useful. Like Latinx. The wonders of Zoom. Island to the mountains in real time.

“The world is too much with us, late and soon, Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Minnesota. Colorado. Lakes and Mountains. Islands. Ocean. Places where our powers gather, strengthen, multiply. My places. Places with power in themselves, habitats for growth and reflection. Looking forward to energy flowing into me here, replacing the grief hollowed parts of my soul. Make them hallowed, spots of holy calm rather than shattered remnants of an old self.

Joseph on the way back from Sun City after Kate’s parents 50th wedding anniversary: “I feel my powers returning.” Charlie on his patio 30 years later. Could say the same.




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