A Month To Go

Beltane and the Island Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Exercise. Kate, always Kate. Joe. His steadfastness, stability. Seoah, her energy, smile. Mary, her resilience in the face of frustration. Murdoch, his smile. Bond and Devick, caring for my money. Neshama and her recommendations.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Friends and family.

Starting my second week in Hawai’i. Go home a month from today. So far all Hickam except for a brief excursion to Stadium Pho after going to the Navy Exchange. That’s been fine. Decompression. Time to reignite exercise, better diet. Catch up on sleep. Talks with Joe, Seoah, Mary. Relaxation. No dogs to feed, no mail to collect, no thinking about the car, the house. What’s next on the home front. No cooking, grocery shopping. Well, I plan to cook a meal tomorrow. Cook for my supper.

We’ll start being more touristy this next week as Mary finishes her quarantine. I want to see Nuuanu. site of Kamehameha’s victory, the North Shore where the surfers are, the Bishop Museum. Get in a fancy meal somewhere. Even then I’m neither in full tourist spirit or mode. At least not  yet.

Dream continue to roll through the land of sleep, Morpheus arranging, rearranging my fears, joys, hopes, frustrations. Last night a peculiar one involving a semi-trailer and a Deliverance situation when it needed repairs. Later a venture into Russia, seeking a person, someone. Then studying art with a group of upper class kids. Following one to his alma mater, Walker University, a preppy place famous for turning out Supreme Court justices. We went to his fraternity. He sat down at the entrance. I had to pull myself up, squeeze past him. It was hard. Weirdness.

Joe and I have had several long, good talks. This and that. Politics, his career, Island life, Seoah, Murdoch, Kate.

We’re going to the Ala Moana Mall later this morning. I’m feeling underbooked. And under mapped. Want some Hawai’i related reading, a good map of Oahu. Maybe a suspense novel or two.

Joe’s going to help his friend, call sign Darkness, set up his Komodo grill. Joe’s call sign is Aladdin.




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