A Sabbath

Beltane and the almost full Island Moon

Monday gratefuls: Bond & Devick. Getting my money sorted. Joe, off to Wakiki to pick up a new Ltc. Then, back to Hickam. This kid works so hard. Feeding Murdoch. More like home. Seoah and Mary, women in my life. Kind and thoughtful. Minari. A meditation on family, on immigration, on plants. Lovely.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The internet, minding the gap between me and friends, money, home. The safety net of love. So important while in freefall.

Watched Minari last night with Mary and Seoah. A sweet, kind, hopeful movie. Seoah had many moments of recognition. When David’s punishment was holding his arms over his head. When the grandmother went out after her stroke to put garbage in the trash fire. “We work even after sick.” At minari, an important herb in Korean cooking she’s not been able to find here. Significant movie. Glad for the opportunity to see it, especially with Seoah.

Sunday is a quieter day always for me. Years of cultural conditioning. A bit like the sabbath. Which I may adopt as another Jewish custom. Has always made sense to me to power down for a day each week, experience sacred time, learn how to experience all time as sacred. Read Grisham’s Camino Winds. Not my favorite of his, but he carries you through a story with practiced ease.

Chatted with the Ancient Ones at 8 am here, later in the Central and Eastern time zones. Our stories pebbled with the familiar, yet each day new. Paul’s wonderful journey to the Wooden Boat School with a 91 year oldĀ  hospice client, a former boat builder. The Ancient Mariner, as Paul wrote. Ode in the Artist’s cabin for a month, working on a graphic novel of his travelin’ youth. He had the unusual experience of having a camo wearing bow hunter come to the door. He’d shot a Turkey, but couldn’t find it. Scary. Ode’s off this morning to hunt for Morels. Close friends. Best friends. Woolly friends.

Cooked a chicken, the perfect roasted chicken that I discovered a while back. So easy, so good. Take a 2-4 pound bird. Rinse. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. Salt and pepper in the cavity. Truss. Trussing is the key move. Rain salt on the outside, kosher. Oven at 450. Put it in. Do nothing. Wait 50-60 minutes, pull it our, let it rest. A moist flavorful chicken with minimal fuss.

I miss cooking. Kate called me the singing chef because I always sing while I’m cooking. No idea why, except it’s in part about contentment. I’m not a good singer in terms of tone, or tune, but I’m enthusiastic. Cooking for one will be a challenge and one I accept.

Up at 5:30 am today. Feed Murdoch. Workout. Breakfast. Another day in paradise.

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