Cheap Date

Beltane and the full Island Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Family. Murdoch. Hiking. Emily. Kate, always Kate. Clan Keaton. Brother Mark. Sister Mary. The Mountains here, green and jagged, Volcanic. Palm Trees. Guava. Others I don’t recognize.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Mary and Seoah’s arrangement. Joe’s integrity.

Love is Enough counted cross stitch. done. 2016.

Light headed this morning on my walk. Right hip ouching. Might have been overdoing the resistance work. Possible. Likely, even. Sigh. Not enough water. A hip that every once in a while wants to declare itself. Had to go slower, come back early.

Mary and Seoah have to come an agreement. Mary will be an in home tutor and home work helper while Seoah improves her English. Mary will stay in the room here for the indefinite future. Japan has a vaccination rate of 1.8%, hospital beds in short to no supply, and a spiraling covid infection rate. No Kobe University again. Most likely. Malaysia remains closed and Singapore deported her. Geez.

Being in Hawai’i with family is the only bright spot for her. And, it’s a damned good one.

As for me. Still working through post-death administrative matters. Getting the remainder of Kate’s IRA distribution into my bank account has proved a challenge, but one close to resolution. Getting an accurate fix on my budget. Thank yous. When I get back to Colorado, Kate’s clothing, jewelry, sewing room. Sad but necessary.

Dreams keep on coming. Last night I had to carry a Chinese man’s head, still alive but small enough to fit in my palm. I lost it. Went back to find it. No luck. Distressing.

Offered to take Mary and Seoah out to lunch yesterday, a celebration of Mary’s freedom, the end of quarantine. Got to the food court, a short walk from Joe and Seoah’s house, and Seoah decided to try the Mongolian food. When I went to pay, the man said, “No. No. The last customer payed ahead for you.” This confused the hell out of Seoah. The two workers at the Blessed Kitchen food truck had on blue and yellow hats that read, Team Jesus.

Mary and I went inside. I chose Popeye’s for its New Orleans menu; Mary chose Charley’s Philly Cheesesteak. While I waited in line, Mary went ahead and paid for hers. Bonus!

Tired. Gonna go nap. Later.




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