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Beltane and the Island Moon

Monday gratefuls: Bishop Museum. Ku. Kane. Celestial navigation. These Islands, their history, people land volcanoes. The friendly guy at the Bishop Museum front desk. Museums and those who work there, manage them, create exhibits, collections.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Surf boards and surfing. The Gods of Hawai’i.

Seoah drove me to the Bishop. Only ten minutes from their home. It’s an old Victorian pile and does a great job of imitating a cabinet of curiousities with its dark wood, eccentric displays, and an Oceanic/Polynesian theme.

The great hall, with its blue whale, shark, and a school of colorful fish suspended in the air above, contains an exhibit on Heiau’s, sacred temples of Hawai’i religion, a grass hut (not so little), statues in wood of Ku, the war god, and Kane, the god of fertility, water, humans. In small bays around the great hall smaller exhibits focus on the Kumulipo, the Hawai’ian creation story.

An image of an octopus and an image of a sea turtle led me to oh, Kate. Kate loved both cephalopods and honu, the turtle. Our many trips here. Her affection for these Islands. Sighing. Missing her. Close to tears, but no.

Showing up at opening turned out to be the right move. The guy at the desk said, “Yes, we’re sold out, but we can accept walk-ins.” Got the old guy rate. As I wandered through the first and second floor of the old building, the number of folks grew and grew. As I left, the line to get in stretched back into the sun.

Afterward Joe came and we went to a comic book store. A shared interest. It was in an industrial warehouse area and right next to the Joyful Korean Baptist Church. We wandered around there for a while. My museum fatigue vanished. Interesting.

Yesterday we went to a baseball card and comic show at a mall in Pearl City. Mostly Asians and native Hawi’ians. The few haoles like me were, Joseph said, likely military. Made sense.

Standing up for any great length of time on concrete or tile tires me out. I fade pretty fast. 2 hours was all I could manage at the Bishop. Not even that long at the mall. I’m working out, doing cardio, but I realized I’d beenĀ  housebound for the last few years, like Kate. Not great for stamina.

Trying to persuade myself not to make any sudden decisions, but I find so many signs pointing me here. My love for the Land. The presence of the Ocean. The Polynesian inflected history. Joe and Seoah. I feel like I’ve got a least one more big adventure in me. Hawai’i could be it. Ode said he could see me here. Me, too.

Whatever I decide over time, after I’ve been back in Colorado awhile, I won’t leaveĀ  until Rigel dies. But I’ve occupied some of my waking time figuring out the logistics of paring down my library, liberating myself from our furniture, getting the house ready to sell. I even looked up what it costs to ship a car. Answer? Around $1,300. Since I own Ruby, it would be silly to leave her behind.

Tired. Nap time.

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