Beltane (& Kau) and the Island Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Waking up early. Bird songs. Blue sky with clouds. Warm, moist air. Joe’s tooth improving. Budget work underway. This old laptop. Many travels, winding down in utility. Computers. Internet. Old friends and new ones. Happy places. Cousin and Sister.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The heart and mind (Xin & Lev).

Walk yesterday. Not feeling quite as perky, ready to rock exercise wise as I would like, as I thought I would be by this time. Not sure why. Going with it for right now. Still working out, but allowing myself to slow down if I feel the need.

Back to getting up early, around 4:30 am. Bedtime, 8 pm. My pre-Kate’s illness schedule, one I had to abandon to stay rested. We’ll see if it translates to Shadow Mountain. I hope so. Getting exercise, Ancientrails, and fifteen hundred words a day in before noon is ideal for my morning focused body. Used to do it. Then the rest of the day: naps, errands, chores.

Looked at housing and rentals here, trying to get a sense of what options there may be. Oddly hard. Rentals, especially. So many assume you’re a tourist looking for a vacation spot. Not what I would want. Houses have breathtaking prices both absolutely and in terms of what you get for the dollar. Not sure if what I saw online and in the Star-Advertiser represent reality, if there’s an underground source of information. Requires further probing.

What I saw makes the economics of a move to Oahu seem daunting. Though. I’ve not looked at mortgages, payments. And, if I sell Shadow Mountain I’ll make a hefty chunk, though how much is unknown. Still requires supply and I imagine that’s the key barrier. Why finding something before it goes on the market would be ideal. Obstacles make things more fun.

Having said that it does push me into remembering why I also love Shadow Mountain and how staying there also makes sense. No big decisions right now. Yes, but I can still look, right?

Just ordered a new laptop. This one, a Lenova ultrabook, has traveled far and wide with me. Asia. All over the U.S. But it’s getting slow and weak, it’s energy level declining. I’ll leave it here and take the new oneĀ  home with me. It’s very light. 2.2 pounds.

I prefer desktops but that’s not practical on the road. My concession to that preference is that I travel with a full size keyboard and mouse. Laptop keyboards don’t work well with my fast touchtyping and my need to keep the keyboard lower than the screen.

I ordered a keyboard and had it delivered to Joe’s. It will stay here, along with the mouse, both now wireless. It’s the curved design, one Joe laughs at. Which means he can’t use it. I like the even more radical split keyboard but couldn’t find one that would ship in time to be of use to me here.

High school typing is a long time ago, yet it remains the most daily useful class I ever took. In college I bought a Selectrix typewriter. No romantic pounding on a old portable for me. I want the typing to be easy, fluid, out of the way. But. I like typing. Over the years I’ve tried various iterations of Dragonspeak. They work, better and better each time, but speaking is a different process. Not worse. Not better. Different. I like the tactile feel of a keyboard, the skill of touchtyping. I don’t have that many manual skills after all.

Spoke with Diane, Mary and I on Joe’s couch. Bits going west to east rather than Shadow Mountain’s east to west for both. Zoom has its flaws, yes, it does. But it also has the magic of the human faceĀ  responding to dialogue. Valuable for me.

Like the Celts native Hawai’ans have two seasons: Kau, hotter and dryer. The cooler wetter season, Ho’oilo. Beltane and Samain. Sort of. Beltane marks the start of the growing season and Samain, its end. Here the differences are more subtle, less impactful. Stuff grows here year round, a lot of the distinguishing characteristics have to do with aquatic life cycles. See this interesting webpage.


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