Baked Goods and Outrigger Canoes

Beltane and the waning crescent of the Island Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Seoah. Joe. Mary. Kate, always Kate. Murdoch. Paradise on Earth. Its Sun. Its Ocean. Its Sky. Its people. Its history. Old friends. Ancient friends. New friends. Grief. Death. Healing. Smiles and hugs.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Life and Death. Birth.

Went to Pearl Harbor, the Navy Base, and got our passes yesterday. Right outside the base security building was a sign pointing to the Arizona Memorial. Appointments were by ticket number. Joe advised us to go later in the day and he was right. Nobody there.

Joe had to listen for me since I forgot my hearing aid and the Air Force enlisted guy behind the desk had a neck gaiter over his mouth. Good hygiene, bad for understanding. First military issued document in my name since the days of the draft. Not nostalgic. At all.

We watched another episode of the Last Dance. So much I’d missed when I followed the Bulls in the mid-90’s. Why didn’t anybody want to play with Isiah Thomas? Toni Kukoc, the Croatian marvel. Scottie Pippen’s critical role in the Bull’s and Michael Jordan’s success.

The clips of Jordan are as mesmerizing now as they were then. He seemed superhuman. Hanging in the air, shifting the ball from his right hand to his left as he was in the air, then dunking over the defender.  His competitive spirit so strong that he carried the organization along in his wake.

Getting ready now for Mary and Seoah to take an outrigger canoe lesson. This has an added component of honoring the voyageurs, the navigators of the Islands of Oceania. Should be an interesting experience for  them. Joe and I are going to breakfast.

The trades blow gently, cooling the Kau season air. Birds fly and land, hunting for insects. We saw that green Parrot Joe talked about. Not sure, but it looks like an escaped pet. Mary told me about mongooses in Hawai’i. Brought here to kill rats in the pineapple plantations. Problem, though. Rats are nocturnal and mongoose diurnal. Results: rats and mongoose as pests. Read the whole label.

Breakfast at Liliha Bakery on the main drag going into Honolulu. Portuguese sausage. Fried potatoes. Eggs over easy. A diverse crowd. Chinese matrons. An older Japanese woman with an older white man. A table full of Hawai’ians. Joe and I sat at the bar. Watched the cooks pile up crisp bacon, crack eggs with one hand, quick. Toss them on the grill. Sausage patties. Quick scoop of rice out of the big steamer.

Could have had mahi-mahi and eggs. Used to have this in Lahina. Baked goods were as diverse as the crowd. An Pan. Boston Creme filled. Ensanadas. A regular donut or two thrown in for the average schmoe.

The outrigger canoe experience was on Sand Island, connected to Honolulu by a short bridge. Saw two mongoose on the way to the park.  The outriggers were on the beach, in the water, being pushed into the water on soft bags of sand. Many had all Hawi’ian crews. New Hope Christian Church had a crew. Mary and Seoah were invited by Nan, Seoah and Joe’s neighbor immediately to their east. Thai.

Each group had a tent consisting of a fabric roof and four aluminum poles. At least ten, maybe fifteen tents. I saw one outrigger with Kikihei High School painted on the side moving away from the beach, 8 high school kids paddling. It moved fast.

Liliha Bakery was not far, in toward downtown Honolulu maybe a mile.

Now Joe and I are back home, sedated by breakfast. Sleepy. Might nap. Might work on the budget.




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