Pruning for Vigor

Beltane and the Shadow Mountain Moon

June 10 addenda

Long walk this morning. Over to the Wilbur and Orville Wright cafe for breakfast. About 30 minutes. Walking and thinking, mulling.

Pruned life. Not downsized, no. I want a full-sized life, one with unnecessary responsibilities and expectations trimmed off, give the whole more vigor.

What that will look like. Sorting and donating most of Kate’s stuff. Getting my library down to 2 bookshelves worth of books. Eliminating kitchen items no longer needed. Selling or giving away much of my furniture, art. Stripping the garage down to Joseph’s boxes, a few essential tools. Cleaning out the shed, donating our gardening tools. Conundrum: photographs, televisions.

This will take some time and I’ll need some help. Ruth, maybe Jon. Maybe Joe and Seoah. Marilyn has offered to help with Kate’s stuff.

The idea here is to make myself flexible, nimble.

I’ve come to this conclusion. I want to live in Hawai’i, but only if Joe and Seoah are here. too. Right now I’m going back to Shadow Mountain, reenter life there fully. CBE. Exercise, write. I’ll begin the pruning work right away with no specific timeline. At least not  yet.

Certain things need to become clearer. Rigel’s health. What Joe and Seoah want to do next.

As I prune, I’m going to do some work on the house.  Get it stained. Fix the heating issues. Maybe take another shot at the kitchen. Read an interesting article in the Atlantic about the housing market. Not going to cool down or crash anytime soon. Why? Millenials are buying houses and there’s a lot of them. Interest rates are low. Older folks are aging in place. Supply is low, demand high, and financing reasonable to cheap. As the guy who predicted the 2008 housing crisis observed, the fundamentals are there.

That means the house will increase in value. I’ll be able to harvest a large chunk of capital when I sell. That will help a move to Hawai’i when the time is right.

An ideal future might look like this: fix up house, enjoy life in the mountains, see Colorado, the Four Corners region. At some point sell the house and buy a place either by myself or with Joe and Seoah in Hawai’i. Get them to watch Kepler, if he’s still alive. I would then take a long cruise and when it was over, I’d fly to Hawai’i to start life here. Might happen.

Getting there on this new life. Felt freer today.

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