Beltane and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Sunday gratefuls: the Pali. The windward side. That Macadamia Nut Country Store. The Chickens, the Chick that lost its way. The Byodo-In Temple. Hawai’ikai. The Mountains. Tetsuro Hanso tunnel. The wide Ocean. Incense. Racial and cultural diversity, or, said another way, Hawai’i. Rainbows. Mary’s story.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Nu’uanu Pali and its winds.

Hot and sweaty. Boxes. U-Haul boxes in small, medium, large. Filled with unicorns and size -2 jeans. Kitchen appliances. Pillows. Books. Moving. Down the stairs into the garage. Up the stairs. Drawers from dressers. Chairs. Cloth bags stuffed with bathroom supplies, shirts and shoes. More chairs. Tables. Shelving. Down the stairs and into the truck. The couch.

Hawai’ikai. An upscale condo town. Joe’s old friend, one he’s known since Tyndale AFB in Florida. A long time ago in Joseph’s military career. Also a JSTAR’s guy. Now retired. Maybe 52, 53. Three daughters. Finally bought a place. Hind, his call name. Because his last name, in Spanish, means behind. As in butt, I think.

Stuff. Moving. Not, as Seoah often says, my cup of tea. Helping with Joseph. Yes. My cup of tea. My next move will involve many others packing, schlepping. I’m out of that business for myself. Minnesota to Colorado was enough. For this lifetime.

These condos were tucked tightly under a low Mountain ridge, beautiful, and not far from the Ocean. Maybe a mile.

It’s raining here right now. First time this trip I’ve seen it. Gentle, coming straight down, like Snow in Colorado. Cooling it down here. A mere 77 degrees and, I’ll be damned, it feels cool. The Trees drink it. Birds head into the Trees, on the rooftops. This is Rain as refresher, as salty Ocean Water made potable for Land Life. Not Rain as torrent, as Storm, as Flood. Maybe Eden had Rain like this. A bit harder now. A little slant, some Wind. Cooling more.

Unbelievable. I may have to put my sweatshirt on. The drip line for the Trees is visible now. Where you water them in the absence of Rain. Yep. Sweatshirt time.

And, Reveille. 5 minutes until the national anthem. Petrichor. Rain on Soil. That fertile, fecund smell. Sun. Clouds breaking up. Gonna get muggy soon.

Followed Tom’s suggestion up to Nu’uanu Pali where Kamehameha tossed the last of his enemies down to their deaths. A beautiful view of Windward Oahu with Winds sweeping up from the Pacific over the Kaneohe peninsula, up the Mountain side, cooling as they come. Dropping Moisture. Chilling the Air. You can lean into it. Solid. a presence of its own.

Afterward home to 717 Gemini Avenue in Ozinuka Village, Hickam AFB.


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