Up in the Air

Summer and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Monday gratefuls: The kindness and generosity of so many. Right now: Joe and Seoah. Mary. Tara. Emily. Murdoch. United Airlines. Jet engines. Engineers. Luggage makers. Backpack makers. Book publishers. Printing presses. Authors. Peak television. Downton Abbey. Loki. Leonard’s bakery and their Hawai’ian donuts. The Reyn Spooner shirt. A Father’s day gift from Joe, Seoah, Mary. Fatherhood.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Airfoils. Travel in the Sky. Oceans and Mountains. Pele.

The time has come round at last. Getting off the Island. 9:30 pm. No more futon nights and mornings on the patio with my laptop. 39 days as of today. By my Denver arrival I’ll have spent my own forty days and thirty-nine nights wandering the desert of loss. Oahu is an oasis, yes, but the desert came with me.

As I said yesterday, I’m leaving at peace. I’ll see what things are like after getting back home. Sure, Kate lives on there among the places and things of our life together. And, I’m glad. I don’t want to lose any of her. Any more of her. Yes to the spot where she sat working on the crossword. Yes to the sewing room where she spent her happiest hours. Yes to the bed we shared for over thirty years. Yes. Kate, always Kate. Yes.

Yes, too, to my life there. Kepler and Rigel. The loft and its computer, its books, its art and art making, its exercise setup. The kitchen and my pots and pans. My stove and refrigerator. Yes to my bed and my chair and my television. Yes to the hiking trails and the Lodgepole Pine and the Aspen. Yes to the Elk and the Mule Deer and the Fox and the Bear and the Mountain Lion. Yes.

Yes to Alan and Marilyn and Tara and Rich and Jamie and Susan and Judy and Ron. Yes to CBE. Yes to Jon and Ruth and Gabe.

Yes to the not yet known life. New friends. New places. New work. Yes.

Flying, in other words, to the present and future. Not the past.



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