Back Home Again in the Rockies

Summer and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Tara. United 1802. Baggage claim #14. Luggage. Kep and Rigel. This familiar house. Its coolness. Relative to Oahu. The Iris bed and the Lilac bed. The work of my heart ahead. Hawai’i. Joe and Seoah. Murdoch. Hickam AFB.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Rigel crawling up in my lap when I got home. Kep’s careful assessment of me. Was I really back? Would I stay? The Mule Deer Doe in the front.

Lifeguard station Banzai Pipeline

When I boarded the United flight last night at 9:20 p.m Hawai’i time, I thought, “Why the hell did I book a red eye? And, “Why didn’t I change it over the last 39 days?” A bit late as you’ll notice. Jagged, a bit jumpy from halting, interrupted sleep and that bad sleep. Although the time passed reasonably well.

I paid a bit extra for an aisle seat. That meant trips to the bathroom didn’t annoy my seat mate. Also meant I couldn’t lean on the area between seat and the fuselage as she did.

Got a Reyn Spooner shirt for Father’s Day and it kept me warm enough over my Malibu Shirt’s t-shirt portraying the evolution of the Hawai’ian Surfboard. Transportation of all sorts get colder at night.

A strong tail wind got us into Denver about 40 minutes early. I’ve been home since 10:30 MST and it’s 2:30 now. A nap in there. Dryer and cooler here. Much dryer, 17% humidity against 70-80% on Oahu. And cooler. 80. Compared to 89-90 over the last couple of days. That combination made for a nice nap.

Sorted the mail. Lotsa bulk mail. Also, a lot of first class mail from various financial and medical organizations. Verizon. Radiation Imaging. Swedish Hospital. Associated Health Care Credit Union. And, more! A bit too jet lagged to tackle that stuff today. Plenty of time to sort it out as my body gradual rids itself of its chronological ghost. Oahu haunts me now.

Ruth’s text back when I wrote her I was home: “Woohoo!” Warmed my heart.

Grandma’s girl

Between now and August 18th I’m going to work hard to create financial and physical order here on Shadow Mountain. Including to my body. I did something to my right upper leg, muscles probably; but, it hurt like a son of a beach. As I toned down, then eliminated exercise, it came back into a friendly relationship with the rest of me. Gotta get fixed.

I’m a bit wobbly, balance not all it could be and I know it’s lack of muscle strength, fitness.

A long ways along on the financial stuff, too. I have a budget, a tracking system, even an annual cash needs by months spread sheet. This is rocket science stuff for me in case it seems elementary to you.

Haircut tomorrow with Jackie, a good friend to Kate and me over our time up here. Then on Thursday, teeth. Next Wednesday I see Leigh Thompson, my relatively new doc, about the upper right leg. In between restocking my larder, opening all those bills and financial reports, laundry, getting a summer maintenance plan in place. Going to mussar, maybe a service or two over at CBE.

It feels really good to be home. And, this is home. For now and the mid-term future for sure.

Before enlightenment pay bills, buy groceries, do laundry. After enlightenment pay bills, buy groceries, do laundry.

Know what I’m sayin’?



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