Summer and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Alan. The Bread Lounge. Jon’s trip to urgent care. Again. Ruth. Jamie Bernstein. Lauri Know. Kate’s sewing friends. 44 degrees this morning! Rain all night. Also! The Rocky Mountains. Mt. Evans. Black Mountain. Mt. Rosalie.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Claire’s pregnancy. My cool welcome home from Shadow Mountain.

44 degrees this morning. Rain all night, drippy eves. Thunder in the dark. Could not have asked for better weather upon returning from Hawai’i’s Kau season. It was hot and the Trade Winds didn’t blow all the time. This cool, wet weather reminds me of my climate preferences. Thanks, Shadow Mountain.

Gabe and Jon

Jon had an episode of malignant hypertension on the way up here yesterday. He, Ruth, and Gabe were going to spend the afternoon. Got a garbled call from him, then a text from Ruth that they were headed to Urgent Care.

Jon has. like Kate, multiple health issues, most of them immune system related. Managing a wonky endocrine system presents a challenge. The diseases interrelate and therefore a problem in one often presents as a problem in another one.

Yesterday’s episode had a prednisone treatment for one of them at its root. The prednisone therapy hit his system hard and drove up his blood pressure. Urgent Care got it back down and they returned home. Scary, though.

Kep, hunting

Did my first post-Hawai’i grocery pick-up yesterday. Got everything I ordered. A first since I started doing this over a year ago.

Also, took Kep into the doggie allergist yesterday for a shot of Cytopoint. The prescription meds, apoquel, did not calm him all the way down. It helped, but the hotspots returned. Plus lots of scratching and biting his tail. Cytopoint has a good track record, but also a higher price tag.

As I drove Kep into Lakewood to the VRCC, where the doggie allergist is, a sense of well-being came over me. On my own. Taking care. Kep. Groceries. Bills. Jon and the grandkids. Yes, I can not only do this, I can thrive.

Won’t be worried long

Agency. Forgot to mention an episode at Daniel Inouye International Airport. Joe walked me through the check-in process. There’s an agricultural inspection I would have missed and he knew where it was. Then, at the baggage check-in the young man with a mask asked me questions. I couldn’t hear.

Joseph turned to me and indicated I had hearing problems. The guy said no worries. And started shouting, but very fast. Came out garbled. Joe told me what he’d said.

Got through TSA but not without several Huhs? It was 9:30 pm, well past my bed time. I felt like an old man, unable to handle himself in a situation he used to enjoy. And, yes, I had my hearing aid in.

Heading back for my first return from Hawai’i without Kate. Tired. Feeling vulnerable and decrepit. Geez. What a way to get back to life in Colorado. The red-eye experience did not help either.

But. When I saw Tara, she hugged me, welcomed me home, all that fell away. I realized it was a confluence of issues. A late night for me. Masks on everybody. A hearing aid maybe no longer right. A problem to resolve, not a state of feebleness to endure.

A new hearing test. A consultation with an audiologist. Soon as I can. When I’m rested, NBD.

Joe and me on the way to the Arizona Memorial


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