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Summer and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Trash removal. Hearing aid benefit. Social security survivor’s benefit. Peanut butter on San Francisco sourdough. Rain. Still. Cool. My neighbor’s gun magazine in my mail. Evergreen. Pine. Conifer.

Sparks of joy and awe: Oahu memories.


Eighty percent off msrp. Wowzer! Worth a month or so wait for an appointment. Hearing aid. Last time I paid $3,200. Out of pocket. Glad I called United Healthcare.

Felt good to get started. That dispiriting moment at Daniel Inouye International came courtesy of an old hearing aid and masks. Masks, for those of us with hearing difficulties, has decreased our ability to understand conversations. Always difficult with crowd noise, music, or flowing water then add a barrier between the mouth and our ears. Often too much.

Not one for self-pity, but for an hour or so I sat feeling frail and old, no longer competent to manage my life by myself. Geez, guy. Evidence points another way. It was also past my bedtime. So, I forgive myself for a lapse in self-compassion. Back now.

Will get a call back from Social Security for an in-person appointment. Switch my Social Security to Kate’s, change routing numbers, cancel the Credit Union deposit. Whacking away at the underbrush of fussy stuff. I can see the veldt, but I’m not there yet.

Rained much of yesterday. Another cool day, high maybe 55 or so. 45 when I got up today. Wonderful weather for this human being. Sleeping well. Not concerned about Wildfire. Rain in each day’s forecast through Monday. May it remain so yeah unto the Fall. The Mountains crying for Kate’s death.

Steak Diane from Easy Entrees for supper tonight. One of the meals I got from the Mitzvah committee. Been in the freezer till now. It serves four. Right for Jon, Ruth, Gabe, and me. Will be good to see them. Distribute the small presents from Hawai’i. Talk about family stuff.

The top allergens for today are: Grasses, Chenopods, and Sagebrush. Russian thistle, waterhemp, pigweed, and kochia are all chenopods. The Daily Garden. How bout that! My nose has led me, sneezing, to a better knowledge of currently blooming plants.

Feeling of lightness continues. The now receded glacial weight of Kate’s long illness helps me to rebound. More energy. More time for futzy stuff like bills and pruning. More time for the dogs. For myself. For CBE.

I can also dream a bit about local travel in the Four Corners region. Hire a house sitter/dog sitter again. Easy. A cruise keeps popping up, too. Maybe next year. A longish one, a month. Month and a half. Maybe a repositioning cruise for long days at sea. Gotta consider doing these things while I’m physically able. I know that can change.

Kate and I had our last trip in 2016 for Joe and Seoah’s wedding. Five years ago this April. A long time ago.

Budget stuff, pruning, Dr. Thompson, Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Today. Looking forward to it.




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