On the Mountain Top

Summer and the Shadow Mountain Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Cool morning. Rain last night. Smoky on Moderate Fire danger. Seoah and Kate’s Pearls. A gift to see them on Seoah. Mary: “I looked at Joe & just thought what a lovely young man he is; well mannered, smart, patient, responsible- that’s your boy!”

Sparks of Joy and Awe: High Humidity in the Mountains


A Rockies Game. downtown Denver

Jon, Ruth, and Gabe will try again today. I’ve not seen them since I got back. Each time (twice) they’ve started to come up here Jon has had a panic attack. He says it’s not related to his grief. Maybe. Maybe not. Hope they can make it.

Today. Pruning. Downstairs: clear out closets, pack away comforters and linens. Sewing room: straighten up, get all of Kate’s quilting stuff out. Holly, not Lauri Knox, will get the long arm. She’s coming on Friday.

My goal. Finish up pruning Kate’s stuff, get some furniture rearranged before August 18th when the clan comes to celebrate her wonderful life. When that time ends, I’m going to do some serious thinking about remodeling, perhaps buying a piece or two of new furniture after moving and/or otherwise eliminating a few pieces, too.

Joe and SeoAh’s apartment in Songtan, Korea

Yes. If you can’t tell, I’m digging into this foxhole. Gonna ride out the near term and intermediate future right here on the Mountain top. See Ruth through high school. That’s an intermediate goal. Three years. After that? We’ll see then.

Buddy Tom Crane plans a trip out here. We’re going to take the cog railway up Pikes Peak. It closed down for three years or so. Refurbishing. I’ve not been to Pikes Peak, nor has Tom. The railway terminal is in Manitou Springs, a funky little town, a touristy place, but in an ok way.

You would think a web of support that stretches from Robbinston, Maine to Hickam Air Force Base on Oahu, with several strands tacked down across the continent, might be flimsy. Subject to Winds and lack of maintenance. No. This web has durability and resilience. Zoom. E-mail. Travel. The very occasional phone call. Services and mussar at CBE. Trips into Denver and from Denver here. Spiders know how to keep it together.

The little old man on the Mountain top. That’s me. Bald, even. Alone, but far from lonely.

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