This Old House

Summer and the Lughnasa Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Greg Lell, painter. Seoah. Joe. Mary. Murdoch. Jon. Ruth. Gabe. Eduardo. Holly. Rich. Marilyn. Tara. Alan. The Ancient Ones. A cool morning. The new laptop. Fingers. Rebecca and the physical therapy.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Jon, Ruth, and Gabe on a road trip.


House cleaned yesterday. Maintaining the connection with Marina Harris has a bit of Kate attached since she found Marina. Pricey, but thorough and dependable. A clean house feeds the soul.

Went over to the Bread Lounge and picked up a Pullman loaf of San Francisco Sourdough. Had an Egg, Cheese, and Bacon sandwich on ciabatta. The Bread Lounge has become the go to place for Evergreeners who want to schmooze, pick up some high quality bread, have a bite. And this almost Evergreener. My precinct lies within the Evergreen voting district though my address is Conifer.


Start my Tarot and Kabbalah class today. Rabbi Jamie again. 10 am. Zoom. Can go in person if I want. A long drive though. Into Denver. Probably will do most on zoom, but I like to see the folks I’m learning with, too.

When Joe gets here, if not before, I’ll have the house rearranged. Changing the outer to affect the inner. Claiming this as my space, home to a mountain recluse in the ancient Chinese tradition. Yes, expensive. No, not necessary except in a life affirmation way.

Contacted a house painter and got a bid to pressure wash and stain the house. A reasonable bid from a quality painter. Scheduled it. Start date late September. Next up is to get some bids to remodel the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms, maybe a bit of interior painting. Get that scheduled, too.

Holly and Eduardo sold their house in one weekend. On Zillow their house has a lower value than mine and it sold for what my estimate was two months ago. Now mine is almost a hundred thousand dollars higher. I mean. Geez. Weird. Another neighbor has their house on the market, too. Asking $800,000. Doesn’t seem worth it to me, but there you go. The market.

Our house in the early morning light on Shadow Mountain

Holly and Eduardo will take all their stuff in pods to La Quinta, California. Where it was 120 degrees the day before Eduardo returned. Yikes! In the desert. They bought a new place. With a pool. A necessary accessory, I would think.

A housing expert I read a week or so ago said this market is not a bubble like the one in 2008. And, I want to believe. But, I know, too, that the truth is out there.

His analysis made sense to me even so. The fundamentals, he said. Historically low interest rates. Millennials have begun buying homes and they are a huge market. Older folks like my friends and I are staying in their homes longer. The supply and demand of housing at many levels is out of whack in the seller’s advantage. New home construction has become more and more expensive.

Plus, people continue to move to the Denver metro, puttingĀ  hydraulic pressure on the demand side. Conifer is within commuting distance of Denver, but in the mountains. We have a level driveway, a cedar sided house, huge garage with a large, versatile space above it. Black Mountain Drive, a segment of County Road 78, gets plowed well and often since it is both a school bus route and the only emergency access road for all of us who live between Conifer and Evergreen on and off of it.

All of these will continue into the foreseeable (my) future. With the possible exception of low interest rates.

Kate found this place. She’s supporting me now, as she always did. Her memory and her life is a blessing. To me and to many others.

Anyhow I’m confident that if I need to I can always sell this house, scoop out a few extra hundred thousands, and settle somewhere else. And if I don’t need to, the house may become a bigger asset than the IRA rollover. Odd.




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